Ruan Potts Confused by Referee Stoppage in Loss to Anthony Hamilton at UFC 177

Ruan Potts thought a standup, not a stoppage, was in order at UFC 177. | Jeff Sherwood/Sherdog.com

According to FightMetric.com , Ruan Potts absorbed a total of 53 significant strikes to the body in his loss to Anthony Hamilton at UFC 177.

Hamilton landed 49 of those blows on the ground during the decisive second frame before referee Steven Davis halted the bout at the 4:17 mark. Potts received plenty of warning from Davis prior to the stoppage, but the South African heavyweight did virtually nothing to improve his predicament.

Still, despite the visible damage being done to his ribs, the 36-year-old Potts feels he should have been allowed to continue.

“I never complain about a decision. I thought the referee was going to stand the fight up because he wasn’t doing any damage,” Potts said. “I was taking shots to the ribs, but he wasn’t breaking anything and it was detrimental. If it were shots to the head, or if I was bleeding profusely, I could understand. It’s probably just my own fault. I didn’t know that in the rules. I thought the ref would just stand us up, which he obviously didn’t.”

Potts did little to force the action before the finish, as the Mark Robinson MMA product repeatedly attempted to lure Hamilton into his guard. That wasn’t part of the plan for the Jackson-Wink MMA member, who earned his first Octagon triumph.

“It was a little frustrating with him lying down so much. I wanted to knock him out, so I wanted him to get up,” Hamilton said. “I was putting pressure on his throat, and I could see him get a little tired. That's when I started laying those body shots on him, and I could see the welts. I thought the ref might stop the fight a little sooner, but I am happy with the win.”

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