Scott Jorgensen: At 125, I’m Going to Hurt People

By Staff Oct 15, 2013
How will Scott Jorgensen fare at 125 pounds? Please tell us below. | Photo: Dave Mandel/

Former WEC bantamweight title contender Scott Jorgensen expects to find plenty of success with his move to the UFC’s flyweight division.

“I was never meant to be a 135-pounder,” Jorgensen told the Sherdog Radio Network’s “Beatdown” show. “I fought [at 135] because I was comfortable making the weight and I was successful.”

After going five rounds with champion Dominick Cruz in December 2010, Jorgensen transitioned to the UFC and won his first two fights. He’s since dropped three of his last four, though, while facing some very tough competition in Renan Barao, Eddie Wineland and Urijah Faber.

“I had plans on moving down to 125 before I fought Faber,” Jorgensen said. “I stayed up at 135 to fight Urijah. The deal is, it has nothing to do with wins or losses. It’s more the physical side of the game … . It doesn’t matter how much I lift or how fast I get or how much I learn in jiu-jitsu or boxing. I am 5-foot-5 with a 66-inch reach. The guys at my weight class are gravitating towards 5-9, 5-10, [with a] 70-plus-inch reach.”

Jorgensen credits his jiu-jitsu coach and also Joe Warren for suggesting the move to 125. He ran some tests after the Faber loss and found himself at 12 percent body fat -- six percent higher than when he was wrestling in college. A couple of months later, after cleaning up his diet and starting a running regimen, he’d already dropped 10 pounds.

Now he’s scheduled to make his 125-pound debut Dec. 14 against Ian McCall at UFC on Fox 9.

“I’m happy with fighting Ian,” Jorgensen said. “It’s a good fight for both of us. I didn’t expect to come down and get a newcomer or anything like that. I expected to get shoved into the mix, and I got it.”

McCall just notched his first UFC win Aug. 3 when he outpointed Iliarde Santos. However, as recently as last year, “Uncle Creepy” fought eventual UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson to a draw.

“I think he’s going to be using definitely his kicks,” Jorgensen said. “After watching him, they don’t look like they’re stopping guys. If he wants to throw a thousand leg kicks at me, he can. I’ll eventually drag his ass to the ground. I expect him to pop shots and move and try to stay away from me catching ahold of him, either with my hands or actually physically dragging him to the ground. I don’t think he wants to go to the ground with me.”

Jorgensen is planning on a fun fight with McCall and of course a win. He believes it’s the start of what will prove a triumphant journey at 125 pounds.

“When I get down there, I’m going to walk through people,” Jorgensen said. “I’m going to hurt people and then I’m going to slowly crawl my way to the top of that 125-pound mountain and prove that everything I did was worth it.”

Listen to the full interview (beginning at 1:34:04).


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