Silva on Disrespecting Cote: ‘Absolutely Not True’

By Marcelo Alonso Oct 28, 2008
Anderson Silva did not deliver one of his typical performances against Patrick Cote at UFC 90.

Although he was winning the fight before Cote’s injury in the third round, the UFC middleweight champion was booed by fans for his evasive strategy and later he was even criticized by some for “disrespecting” his opponent.

“There are many people saying I was disrespecting Cote, but this is absolutely not true,” Silva told “My game plan since the beginning was fight five rounds, inducing him to commit mistakes and capitalize on that during the first three rounds and look for the knockout during the fourth and fifth rounds. It was working, and the biggest proof of that is that I almost didn’t waste any blows. I connected with a couple of good punches and knees, but unfortunately he got hurt and the fight was over. This is not my fault.”

Asked about a possible rematch with Cote, Silva left it to UFC President Dana White, who was openly baffled by the Brazilian’s performance.

“If Dana White believes [Cote] deserves it,” Silva said, “I’ll be ready.”

Silva also said he had not heard the rumor of a possible meeting with Chuck Liddell at 205 pounds.

“Thank you for the information, I didn’t know about that,” he told “Let’s see what [Dana White] will say.

In the meantime, Silva, now 8-0 in the Octagon, is planning a vacation.

“I’m going to spend one week in Tibet in a house of a close friend, and right after I’m going to spend some time in Thailand sharpening my muay Thai.”

Eduardo Ferreira contributed to this report.
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