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Sherdog.com reports from the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada with live play-by-play of The Ultimate Fighter 4: "The Comeback" season finale.

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Live Results Here.

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Thales Leites (Pictures) vs. Martin Kampmann (Pictures)
Round 1
Leites attempts takedown and misses. Now clinched and Kampmann reveres away. Left high kick misses from Martin. Kampmann sprawls away from the Brazilian's takedown. Good action early. Kampmann stopping Leites early takedown efforts. Kampmann delivering punches but Leites rocks Kampmann with an overhand right that puts it on the floor. Leites firing punches down but Kampmann manages to get back to his feet. Kampmann leaking blood from his nose. They're standing in front of each other in the center in the cage. Both miss on right hands. Kampmann sprawls away again and they clinch. Leites tosses Kampmann to the ground and is in the mount. But Kampmann slips him into the half-guard. Kampmann looking to survive now, as Leites moves to side. Kampmann shows his toughness by returning to his feet. They clinch against the cage as Kampmann looks for a rest. Sherdog.com scores the first round 10-9 Leites.

Round 2
Leites begins round two with a left-right. He's aggressive with his strikes now. Kampmann tries to chop at the Brazilian's legs, but not really effective. Overhand right from Leites now. Kampmann seems to be kicking more, landing a side kick to the ribs. Kampmann again stops a takedown and they dance in the center. Kampmann lands a good left, but Leites still stands in front of him. Much slower pace now as they stand and box. Big overhand by right by Kampmann and he follows with high kicks that are blocked. Huge left to the jaw by Kampmann shakes up Leites but he remains sturdy in the center. Kampmann is the more aggressive fighter after Leites' early offering. Leites is bleeding from the nose now, and Kampmann scoring heavily. Left high kick now but Leites continues to stand in front of him. Leites also bleeding from his mouth. Round ends with an overhand right by Kampmann. Good round by Martin. 10-9 Kampmann. Kampman in better shape as they head into the third. Both look fresh but Leites was slower in going to his corner.

Round 3
Kampmann refuses to play the ground game with Leites, repeatedly telling the Brazilian to stand. They clinch and Kampmann scores a good knee to the midsection. Action moves to the floor for a moment but Kampmann stands right back up. Left punch puts Leites down. Kampmann pounces but Leites goes for armbar. Kampmann pulls up and out. Both standing now. Good action. Consecutive left-right combos from Kampmann score. He scores with a knee to the face as well. Kampmann really asserting himself. Leites bleeding heavily. Knees to the head and an overhand right by Kampmann. Leites goes to the ground and Kampmann gives him a left punch for the trouble. Kampmann really taking it to Leites. Knees and punches. 10-9 Kampmann. Sherdog.com scores the bout 29-28 for Kampmann. Kampmann won via unaimous decision -- 29-28, 29-27 x2.

Charles McCarthy (Pictures) vs. Gideon Ray (Pictures)
Round 1
Fighters size each up early. Solid kick to the midsection by Ray. Not much happening, fighters dancing. Ray lands a kick with his right leg now. Slow pace, not much action from either fighter. McCarthy runs into a right hand. Neither man doing much. Pace is very slow. In PRIDE both men would be warned with a yellow card by now. No forward movement from Ray or McCarthy. Jumping left hand by Ray followed by a knee. McCarthy responded with a knee and they're back to dancing. McCarthy finally gets Ray in his clutches and slams him into side-control. McCarthy working for an armbar from the top. Ray fighting it off but not for long. Ray taps out and McCarthy wins by submission at 4:43 of the first round.

Scott Smith vs. Pete Sell (Pictures)
Round 1
Smith lands the first shot with an overhand right. He follows with a couple kicks. Both fighters connect during a flurry of punches. Smith takes a step back and regroups. Drago lands a low kick, which is answered by a high kick from the Californian. The two fighters give each other a high five and smiles. Second time that's happened. Drago connects with an overhand right. Clinched against the cage, Sell drops three foot stomps. They separate and work the middle of the Octagon. Drago slipped to the floor and they slug it out as he returns to the feet. Both middleweights are bleeding after some good exchanges. Smith landed a huge overhand right to the chin and in the thai clinch he pounds a knee into the New Yorker. He follows with another overhand right to the jaw. Good round for Smith, 10-9.

Round 2
Fighters showing respect to start the second period, and Smith lands again with a heavy right, this time to the forehead. Drago stalking Smith but not landing much. Sell with back to back left-right combos and finishes with a nice uppercut. They're in the middle of the cage now. Drago scores with consecutive lefts, the first knocking "Hands of Steel" back a bit. Drago nails smith with a left hook to the ribs. Smith goes down along the cage and Sell rushed him. Smith stands and unleashes an overhand right that smashes into Sell's jaw. Sell goes down and the referee rushes in to stop the bout. Smith appears to have injured his ribs. The official time is 3:25 round two, by knockout.

Jeremy Jackson (Pictures) vs. Pete Spratt (Pictures)
Round 1
Overhand misses by Jackson. Spratt starts attacking the legs, scores with a kick. The welterweights exchange knees. Jackson looking for a takedown but misses on a single-leg attempt. Looks like Jackson intends to take the fight to the floor. They're working in the clinch and Jackson jumps to guard. Fight is on the floor and Jackson momentarily takes Spratt's back. But Spratt stands. Jackson jumped to guard again and Spratt landing right hands. After returning to the feet Jackson tackles Spratt off a missed left. Jackson now working from the top in Spratt's guard. He quickly passes to half-guard and is working to get to side. But a scramble puts them back in Spratt's guard. They scramble on the floor after Jackson goes for a leg-lock, eventually he finds himself in side-control. Jackson fails in a mount attempt gives ground, now in Spratt's half-guard. The first round ends in this position. Jackson wins the round based on his takedowns. 10-9 Scorpion.

Round 2
Referee Herb Dean surveys the fighters as round two begins. Spratt moves forward and Jackson moves for a single-leg. They're locked against cage and Jackson appeared to be in no danger. For no apparent reason Jackson quits, tapping on Spratt's leg. Replays don't show much. He was in no danger of being choked and no limbs were in peril. Fight is stopped at 1:11 of round two do to what Bruce Buffer called a neck injury.

Edwin Dewees (Pictures) vs. Jorge Rivera (Pictures)
Round 1
Rivera strikes first with a snapping right low kick. Rivera rushes in but Dewees clinches and pushes his opponent to the cage. Rivera spins off the cage and lands another hard low kick. Rivera pushes Dewees to the cage and lands several heavy punches. The experienced Dewees moves off the fence and eats a left punch then an uppercut that drops him. Dewees turtles up and gets finished by several Rivera right hands. Dewees complains to referee Yves Lavinge after the stoppage at 2:38 of the first period.

Rich Clementi (Pictures) vs. Din Thomas (Pictures)
Round 1
Both fighters trade heavy punches to start the action. Clementi lands a left hand then grazes a headkick. Din Thomas lands a straight right to Clementi’s chin. Din, now working Clementi against the fence, lands a left hand then an uppercut. Clementi opens up with a flurry but eats a left hand counter that sends him to the canvas. Thomas lands another right hand. Clementi jumps for a knee but Thomas roughs him up with a series of short punches. Clementi lands a few solid kicks to the body and leg before scoring a takedown to close the round. The first stanza goes to Din, 10-9.

Round 2
Clementi presses the action in the opening minute of the second frame. Din now on top after Clementi slips. Now standing, Clementi tastes a right and a left punch from Thomas. Nice left jab from the American Top Team fighter. Thomas starting to pick Clementi apart with his boxing. Thomas finds himself in mount then quickly Clementi’s back after a scramble, where he slaps on a fight finishing rear naked choke at the 3:11 mark.

Patrick Cote (Pictures) vs. Travis Lutter (Pictures)
Round 1
Lutter shoots but Cote stuffs the takedown attempt initially, before succumbing to a single-leg. Lutter working from Cote’s half-guard. Lutter moves to mount then Cote’s back. He secures Cote’s arm and forces a tap with an armbar at 2:18 of the first frame. Very impressive performance from Travis Lutter. Anderson Silva enters the Octagon to congratulate the middleweight TUF winner, where he says through an interpreter that he will polish his BJJ game to prepare for the challenger.

Matt Serra (Pictures) vs. Chris Lytle (Pictures)
Round 1
Serra rushes Lytle against the fence and works some foot stomps. Serra tries to trip his opponent but Lytle’s balance is impressive. Serra shoots but Lytle stuffs the single-leg attempt. Lytle takes Serra down. Lytle working from Serra’s closed guard. Serra goes for an inverted armbar and an omaplata but Lytle escapes to his feet. Serra hits a sharp knee to the body. Serra pulls guard but Lytle has none of it. The round ends with Lytle working for a guillotine against he cage. Sherdog.com scores the competitive round 10-9 for Lytle.

Round 2
Serra pushes the match to the cage and stomps at Lytle’s feet. Lytle defends a takedown attempt with a textbook whizzer. Referee Herb Dean breaks the stalemate and restarts the fighters in the center of the Octagon. The fighters clinch again and trade body punches. Serra misses a superman punch. Sherdog.com scores the uneventful round 10-9 for Lytle.

Round 3
Serra lands a spinning back punch then takes the fight to the canvas. Serra postures but Lytle refuses to open his guard. Herb Dean stands them up and restarts the action. Serra again pushes the fight to the fence where he clinches and looks for a trip. The lackluster bout ends with Sherdog.com scoring it 30-27 for Lytle.

Official score:
30-27 Serra
30-27 Lytle
30-27 Serra

Matt Serra wins a split decision.

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