The Ultimate Fighter 3 Finale Play-by-Play

Jun 24, 2006
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Wes Combs (Pictures) vs. Mike Nickels
First stanza starts with some sloppy striking and a clinch up against the fence. After a quick scramble, Nickels was able to secure a rear naked choke for the victory at 3:10 of the first round.

Matt Hamill vs. Jesse Forbes
Hamill out-classed Forbes big time in this match. The Ohio wrestler scored a early takedown and put on a savage display of ground and pound for those in attendance. Forbes had a triangle attempt midway through the round, but Hamill was able to escape to his feet, where he scored the final takedown of the fight followed by more elbows and punches forcing the referee to stop the bout at 4:47 of the first round.

Luigi Fioravanti (Pictures) vs. Solomon Hutcherson

Excellent battle here with both men trading strikes and going for submissions. At the 4-minute mark, Luigi caught Solomon on the chin with a solid left hook that knocked him out cold. Before the ref could intervene, the Florida native was able to land 2 extra punches on his already sleeping opponent. Luigi Fioravanti wins by KO (Punch) at 4:15 of the first period.

Danny Abaddi vs. Kalib Starnes (Pictures)
After another long intermission, Kalib Starnes took to the cage to face Danny Abaddi. After about a minute of sprawl and brawl action, Kalib was able to take the fight to the floor. Showing good control and tight positioning, Starnes moved to his opponent's back and forced a tap via rear naked choke at 2:56 of the first round.

Rory Singer vs. Ross Pointon
The fights starts with some circling, with Ross looking to land a big shot. At the 30 second mark, the British fighter lands a huge left that drops Singer. As Ross dives in to finish with strikes, he gets caught in a triangle choke and taps at 44 seconds of the first round.

Keith Jardine (Pictures) vs. Wilson Gouveia (Pictures)
Jardine starts with some clean looking jabs and legkicks that fall just short of range. Gouveia looks calm as he uses footwork to avoid Jardine's strikes. Jardine is bleeding after a crisp jab from the ATT fighter. Solid leg kick from Gouveia as Keith charges in. Jardine now limping after several kicks find their target. A nice left stuns Jardine. With thirty seconds to go in the round, Wilson scores a takedown but Jardine rises to his feet quickly.

Sherdog Score: 10-9 Gouveia

Not much action to start round 2, except for a few glancing kicks by Jardine. A head kick lands for Jardine. Gouveia catches a kick attempt and puts his opponent on the mat. Both fighters quickly back to their feet. Gouveia starting to tire and absorb punishment. Wilson is hurt by an acccidental kick to the groin and is given a chance to recover but he only takes 30 seconds or so. Round two ends with Jardine in control of this fight.

Sherdog Score: 10-9 Jardine

The Ultimate Fighter veteran is hurt by another legkick as the third period begins. Left high kick from the ATT fighter lands. Jardine scores a single-leg takedown and pushes his opponent to the cage. Jardine is bleeding heavily as Wilson escapes to his feet. Gouveia lands a right that briefly drops Keith. Jardine's face is a big mess with 2 minutes to go. Both fighters trade sluggish, tired haymakers with 40 seconds left in the contest. Jardine pieces together a nice combo and a left hook as the fight ends.

Sherdog Score: 10-9 Jardine (29-28 total for Jardine)

Official Score: 29-28x3 for Jardine

Ed Herman (Pictures) vs. Kendall Grove (Pictures)
Herman throws a big overhand right and shoots in to start the fight. Grove looking for the armbar while spinning off the cage. He has the arm secured and is now trying to straighten it out. Kendall tried for several minutes to finish the hold but Herman escapes. The Team Quest fighter is now in half-guard. Grove manages to get to his feet and lands a knee to his opponent's midsection before being taken down. Herman back in half-guard and dropping elbows. The round ends with Grove taking punishment.

Sherdog Score: 10-9 Herman

Ed Herman sores another takedown as the second round begins. Grove passes an arm and is now working for a triangle. Herman shows some serious heart in escaping. Again Grove has a deep triangle. Herman escapes but now finds himself on the bottom of north-south position. Herman back to his feet but Kendall quickly takes the wrestler down. Herman now looking for the triangle. Grove escapes but Herman hops on his back with one hook. The amazing round ends with both fighters extremely fatigued.

Sherdog Score: 10-10 Draw

Round three begins with Herman barely able to stand from exhaustion. Ed scores a gutsy takedown against the fence. After Kendall battled to standing position and a brief clinch, Herman scores a double-leg and takes his opponent's back. Herman now has both hooks in and pounding away. Ed goes for an armbar. Kendall escapes and takes Herman's back. He has a rear naked choke. The choke is now deep with 10 seconds to go. Fight ends with Herman's face blood red and still being choked.

Sherdog Score: 10-10 Draw (30-29 Herman)

Official Score:29-28 x 3 (Kendall Grove)

This was an incredible battle, right on par with Griffin-Bonnar from TUF season 1.

Dana White awards both fighters with a six-figure contract after the memorable fight.

Michael Bisping (Pictures) vs. Josh Haynes (Pictures)
Bisping opens the round with a takedown. Haynes escapes and throws some wild bombs. Bisping looks like the more refined striker early in the bout. Bisping lands a knee that drops Haynes then lands another while Haynes is down. A point is taken from the British fighter for the foul. Bisping works the Thai-clinch then slams his opponent down. Michael now dropping elbows from side-control. Bisping now takes the back with two hooks and looks for the RNC. Haynes escapes and both fighters trade knees in the clinch. Haynes attempts a throw but ends up being mounted. Bisping takes his back and Haynes escapes as the first stanza ends.

Sherdog Score: 9-9 (Bisping won round but lost a point due to the foul).

Bisping starts round two with a flying knee that missed but he accidently got a finger in Haynes' eye. Bisping takes the fight down again. He mounts and goes for an armbar. Haynes defends and Bisping moves to his back again. Haynes back on top. Both fighters now standing. Haynes is hurt and down from a punch. Haynes taking a bad beating now. A right knee and some pound force "Big John" to stop the fight at 4:14 of the second round.

Sam Stout (Pictures) vs. Kenny Florian (Pictures)
Florian gets a fast takedown into half-guard as the first round begins. Kenny moves to side then mount. The Ultimate Fighter veteran then takes his back and forces a tap with a rear naked choke at 1:46 of the first period. Very impressive performance from Kenny Florian.

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