Tony Ferguson Says Questions About His Recent Personal Issues Are Off-Limits

By Nathan Zur Jun 6, 2019

Tony Ferguson likely sees this weekend’s tilt with Donald Cerrone as a step towards putting his recent personal issues behind him, and the process apparently begins at the microphone, even before the cage door opens.

In March Ferguson's wife, Christina, filed a restraining order against the former “The Ultimate Fighter” Season 13 winner after she alleged her husband was acting unusual and becoming severely paranoid. The restraining order was dropped in April after Ferguson was medically cleared.

The 35-year old Ferguson told that his personal issues are not up for discussion and said he has been shutting down reporters who try and bring up the subject.

“I tell them to [expletive] off,” Ferguson said. “Stop worrying about [expletive] you can’t handle, man. It’s not your [expletive] problem. You really want to [expletive] worry about how I am? Buy my [expletive] pay-per-view. Send me some money, send me whatever, I don’t give a [expletive]. But quit asking dumbass questions. You want to keep asking me those questions, I’m going to say [expletive] you. Straight up. I’m back, mother[expletive].”


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