Tristan Connelly Expects 'Quitter' Michel Pereira to Break at UFC Vancouver

By Cole Shelton Sep 12, 2019

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Tristan Connelly is moving up in weight to take on Michel Pereira at UFC Fight Night 158 in his home province of British Columbia.

The Canadian is taking this fight on just a few days' notice, but is confident he has what it takes to beat the Brazilian. In fact, he believes his style will break Pereira, who he feels has shown to be a "quitter," according to Connelly.

"I think he is going to get tired throwing all this weird sh*t. I have great cardio, I don't get tired, I don't quit," Connelly said to "Look, I want to get tired in fights, because if I start getting tired, that means you are tired, too. I have amazing cardio. Once you are tired, I don't stop and you will see that on Saturday.

"This guy has so much hype behind him, but let's be real, he has a minute and a half more UFC experience than me. He also doesn't have good jiu-jitsu and quits," he continued. "The times I have seen him been finished, he wasn't rocked, he got touched up, covered up and quit. He gives up when gets hit. As soon as stuff doesn't go his way, they break. This guy is a quitter and he will quit real fast."

Meanwhile, Connelly doesn't believe there is any pressure on him, as no matter what happens, he knows his stock rises.

"Let's look at potential results. Worst case scenario, he does something crazy and knocks me out in the first round. Okay, I still think my stock goes up as I'm in the UFC now. If he edges a decision over me, my stock goes way up. Opposite, if I finish him…my stock is way up where I'm getting big fights next time out. Even if I beat him by decision, my stock goes way up, too. He is my ticket, I couldn't ask for a better fight. I'm the wrong lightweight for him, and he is the best welterweight for me."
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