Tyron Woodley ‘Really Disgusted’ By Kamaru Usman-Colby Covington Bout at UFC 245

By Tristen Critchfield Dec 23, 2019

The welterweight championship bout between Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington at UFC 245 was praised by Dana White and received “Fight of the Night” honors.

Former titlist Tyron Woodley was not nearly as impressed.

“Kamaru won the fight, broke Colby’s jaw. Colby I thought was winning the fight by a little small margin,” Woodley said on TMZ Sport’s "The Hollywood Beatdown.” “Wasn’t impressed, my man. I was really disgusted. I want to throw up, the fact that I lost to Usman.”

Woodley relinquished the welterweight crown to Usman in a lopsided five-round decision at UFC 235 this past March. The 37-year-old felt that the striking-oriented battle between Usman and Covington on Dec. 14 demonstrated a lack of Fight IQ from both parties. Both Usman and Covington are known for their wrestling acumen, but takedowns were not a factor in their fight.

“If I would have punched Colby, he may be on life support right now,” Woodley said. “Like when I’m looking at how many punches those guys took, I was impressed with their durability. I was impressed by the fact that they kept doing it over and over again.

“But as far as IQ, moving your f—-ing head maybe to the side so the punch misses your head, I didn’t see a lot of that. I was surprised I didn’t see a lot of wrestling, I thought I was going to see a lot, a lot of wrestling.”

Covington battled through a broken jaw in the contest before being finished by Usman with punches at the 4:10 mark of Round 5. Though Covington has been a controversial figure in the UFC for the manner in which he attempts to promote himself, he was widely lauded for his toughness in the contest. According to Woodley, “Chaos” doesn’t deserve too much praise because he didn’t win the fight.

“I just don’t like when people try to give unnecessary savage moments. Yeah, he broke his jaw. ‘Oh, he broke his jaw in the second round, and he kept fighting.’ But you lost,” Woodley said. “How many times have I felt … broken my foot against Kelvin Gastelum and tore my shoulder against Demian Maia or f—-ed my hand up against Darren Till. I still won. That’s the difference.

“F—k both of them. I don’t really want to give them no love. I don’t want to give them no clout.”

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