Couture vs Ortiz, McGee vs Sylvia, Cabbage vs Arlovski" />

UFC 44: Undisputed Announced
Couture vs Ortiz, McGee vs Sylvia, Cabbage vs Arlovski

Jul 1, 2003
Zuffa held a conference call today, and announced that Randy Couture would face Tito Ortiz for the Undisputed UFC Light Heavyweight title, taking place September 26 in Las Vegas. USA Today lists Ortiz as an 8:5 favorite.

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Also on the card, Gan McGee is challenging Tim Sylvia for the Heavyweight title on the same card, and "Cabbage" Correira is facing Andre Arlovski.

Contract Status??
Dana White: "Ortiz has the same contract as before...with some modifications."
Randy Couture: Doesn't know about the exact terms of his contract, it's been a while since he signed it.

Tito Ortiz: "I have no injuries, at all."

Current Light Heavyweight Champion?
Dana White: "...The Light Heavyweight Champion, Randy Couture..."
Randy Couture: "I fought the guy Tito wouldn't fight, I am the Light Heavyweight Champion."
Tito Ortiz: "I've still got the belt, and it still has my name on it."

Tito's Feeling on the Interim Title?
Tito Ortiz: "I feel disrespected that the UFC created the interim title. I feel like I'm the challenger now, but that's OK - I like feeling like the underdog."

Strip Tito if he hadn't signed?
Dana White: "It's a non-issue. He signed, and is going to fight."

Interest in PRIDE Fighters?
Dana White: Interested in Cro-Cop, Sakuraba, and others.

PRIDE Grand Prix?
Dana White: Had Liddell won, he would not have gone.
Couture: "I would probably have gone had I lost."

Ricco Rodriguez?
Dana White: Definately in the November show.

Tito's Suspect Chin?
Tito Ortiz: "I don't have a suspect chin. I've never been knocked out in practice, or a fight. I have great recovery time."

Restructuring UFC
Dana White: Anticipating a TV deal, will do more ".5" shows.

Tank Abbott a failure?
Dana White: "He was not a failure, he sold out the New Jersey (UFC 41) show."
Tito Ortiz: "Ricco Rodriguez had a lot to do with that show, he's from Long Island."
Dana White: [laughing] - "Yeah, Ricco was the reason we sold the show out."

State of the 185 lb Weight Class?
Dana White: "We'll make an announcement at the September show."
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