UFC 57 "Liddell vs Couture" Live Play-by-Play

Feb 4, 2006
Nick Diaz vs Joe Riggs

RD 1
Riggs starts with a powerful high kick that is blocked by Diaz. Nice knee to the body from the clinch by Joe. Crisp combos from "Diesel" and uppercuts from the clinch. Riggs seems stronger early. Diaz drops Riggs with a right, Joe stunned. Nice left hand lead from Riggs lands square. Another nice one two from Riggs. Nick pushing the action, moving forward. Round one ends with Nick in Riggs' guard from a takedown.

Round 1 - 10-9 Diaz (knockdown)

RD 2
Riggs starts with yet another nice left-right combo. Joe starting to find his range with power punching. Diaz working Joe's ribs against the fence. Diaz bleeding under right eye. Riggs starting to breathe heavy with an open mouth, but continues to throw leather. Diaz pulls guard and transitions into a omaplata. Diaz now working for triangle. Riggs escapes and lands a nice elbow from guard. Diaz rolls into kneebar and then a heelhook.

Round 2 - 10-9 Diaz (Submission attempts)

RD 3
Nick pushing Riggs against the fence and looking to drop down into a double leg. "Diesel" throwing clean combos, but not setting them up with any movement or jab. Diaz again working off the cage. Joe shoots a double but it's defended well with a wide sprawl. Riggs moves in for a single but Diaz steps back and out. "Diesel" with a trip but Nick back on his feet.

Round 3 - 10-9 Riggs (Aggession)
Sherdog score - 29-28 Diaz

Official score - (29-28) (30-27) (29-28) Joe Riggs

Renato Sobral vs Mike Van Arsdale

RD 1
Sobral starts with a heavy inside leg kick and works the clinch against the cage. Single underhooks for both fighters. Big John restarts the action. Renato shoots but Arsdale defends with a wizard and drops into side control. Sobral reverses position, and takes Mike's back. Renato working for arm choke. Van Arsdale escapes. "Babalu" returns to Mike's back with double hooks and forces the tap with a rear naked choke at 2:21 of the first round.

Renato Sobral wins by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) 2:21 RD 1

Frank Mir vs Marcio Cruz

RD 1
Both fighters start with heavy punches. Nice takedown from Mir, but "Pe De Pano" back to his feet. Nice single leg from Cruz puts Mir on his back. Mir securing a Kimura but Marcio escapes. Nice elbows from Cruz. Mir bleeding heavily above his left eye. Herb Dean stops the fight to let the doctor check it out. Mir tells the doctor he can't see but then tells the doctor he can contiune. Fight restarts to same position, Cruz sitting in Mir's half guard. "Pe De Pano" pounding away. Mir showing no answer so far. More heavy elbows from Cruz. Mir taking a bad beating and the cut has gotten worse. Herb Dean should make an executive decision and stop the bout. Dean tells Mir to fight or he'll stop the fight. Herb Dean finally calls a halt to action at 4:10 of the first round.

Marcio Cruz wins by TKO (Strikes) at of 4:10 R1

Brandon Vera vs Justin Eilers

RD 1
Eilers starts with a left-right combo and pushes Vera against the cage. Quick restart from referee Mario Yamasaki. Vera working hard kicks to Eilers body. Vera lands a devastating left leg head kick and a right knee that drops Eilers face down and out. Very impressive win for Brandon Vera.

Brandon Vera wins by KO at 1:25 of R1

Prelim* Jeff Monson vs Branden Lee Hinkle

RD 1
Nice right uppercut from Hinkle as Monson shoots in. Braden on his back but quickly works to his feet and gets Hinkle on the cavas against the cage. Monson in side control, throwing rights to the face. A quick scramble ends with Branden in side mount. Hinkle dropping elbows on Monson's head. Monson stands and counters wild punches from Branden with a clean knee to the chin that slightly stuns the Hammer House fighter. Branden pulls guard after trying a front choke but Jeff escapes and into side control. Monson setting up a straight armbar. Monson moves to north-south. Monson finishes Hinkle with a north-south choke ala Tito/Rumina from Abu Dahbi.

Jeff Monson wins by Choke at 4:35 of R1

Main event: Chuck Liddell vs Randy Couture

Randy enters the cage to ACDC's "Thuderstruck."

The champion walks to the octagon to DMX's "Intro - It's Dark and Hell's Hot."

RD 1
Round one starts with Chuck circling to his left and throwing some left jabs. Both fighters are timid, feeling each other out. The champion and the challenger remain cautious at the halfway point of round one. Chuck starting to find his range a bit with the left. Chuck showing nice footwork, never staying in frot of Randy for too long. First leg kick from Chuck lands. Nice one-two from Randy. Chuck lands some nice leather from the outside after eating a right hand. Randy rushes in and gets the takedown, but Chuck quickly back on his feet against the cage. Randy bleeding heavily over his left eye and nose.

Sherdog score - 10-9 Liddell

RD 2
Round two begins with more movement from Chuck and a steady jab. Chuck lands a huge counter left after Randy lunged in for a left hook then finishes Couture with some pound. Chuck takes the rubber match with a knockout at 1:28 of round 2.

Chuck Liddell wins by KO (punch) at 1:28 R2

Randy Couture announces his retirement at the age of 42.

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