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Untelevised Prelims
Thiago Alves vs. Derrick Noble
After some standup exchanges that saw the Brazilian getting the better of the action, Noble landed a crisp left to the body that stunned Thiago. After recovering, Alves scored a big punch that dropped Noble, and he wasted no time finishing with some shots on the ground forcing the ref to stop the match at 2:54 of R1.

Terry Martin vs. Jason Lambert
First round is controlled by Martin with several takedowns and ground and pound. Sherdog.com's TJ De Santis scored the opening stanza 10-9 for Martin.

After both fighters traded takedown attempts and a referee restart, Lambert took Martin's back then later finished the Illinois wrestler by TKO (strikes) at 2:37 of R1.

David Terrell vs. Scott Smith
Terrell scored a couple takedowns in the first round, and came close to finishing on an armbar that Smith was able to slam out of. After a standup, Smith complained to the ref about what was perhaps a foul, while Terrell jumped on his opponents back and finished the WEC light heavyweight champion with a rear naked choke at 3:08 of the first period.

Karo Parisyan vs. Nick Thompson
Karo dominated from the opening bell, scoring a awesome Judo throw that spiked Thompson on his head early in the round. Standing up from his opponent's guard, Karo did several jumping Sakuraba-like punches, none of which seemed to hurt Thompson. Karo did manage to jump to side-control then later mount and force a tap due to strikes at 4:44 of round one.

PPV card
Marcio Cruz vs. Jeff Monson
"Pe De Pano" starts round one with lots of low kicks and unorthadox punches. Monson is having some trouble with the Brazilian's reach and jab. Monson finally scores with some solid punches and drops Cruz with a left straight at the 2:30 mark. "Pe De Pano" recovers and pulls his opponent into guard. Referee John McCarthy restarts after a minute of no action on the ground. The first period ends with the fighters cliched and trading knees.

Sherdog Score 10-9 Cruz

Round two starts with a fast takedown from the ATT heavyweight, but he quickly rised to his feet after Cruz went to a high guard. Monson is starting to find his range while countering "Pe De Pano's" kicks. Cruz continues to box from the outside and pepper his shorter opponent with jabs and low kicks. Monson scored a big takedown and some punches from his opponents back as the round ended.

Sherdog Score 10-9 Cruz

Marcio shot for a takedown that was stuffed by a quick sprawl from Monson. The ATT fighter worked the position by throwing knees to the shoulders and neck from the 4-point position. Cruz worked back to guard but couldn't mount any offense. Marcio tried to hip toss Monson but it was countered with the American gaining top position for the rest of the lackluster fight.

Sherdog Score 10-9 Monson (29-28 Cruz)

Official Score: 30-27 Monson, 29-28 Cruz, 29-28 Monson (Monson wins split decision)

Evan Tanner vs. Justin Levens
Tanner starts the first period with an attempted takedown against the fence but the younger Levens defended nicely. Evan scores a trip at the two minute mark then landed some strong elbows from the Ruas Vale Tudo fighter's half-guard. After a scramble that allowed Levens to take the top position, The Amarillo, Texas fighter quickly locked on a triangle that forced Justin to tap at 3:14 of round one.

Tito Ortiz vs. Forrest Griffin
Tito opens with a big left hook that connects and sends Forrest stumbling. Tito then scores a lightning fast takedown into the TUF champion's guard. Tito walks Forrest to the cage and drops elbows in trademark fashion. All Tito in the first two minutes. Ortiz continues to just tee-off on the now heavily bleeding Forrest. Griffin escapes and shows Tito he is still alive only to be taken down again. Forrest now working with heels on hips and throwing elbows from the bottom. The "Huntington Beach Bad Boy" ends round one with a sharp elbow to his opponents midsection.

Sherdog Score: 10-9 Ortiz

Griffin, still bleeding from the nose, stuffs Ortiz's first takedown of the second stanza. Forrest looking much better this round, landing shots from the outside and keeping the fight standing. After another stopped shot, both fighters trade taunts in the middle of the Octagon. All the momentum has switched, with the Columbus, Ohio native out boxing the former light heavyweight champ and defending takedown after takedown.

Sherdog Score: 10-9 Griffin

Again Forrest sprawls and stops Tito in his tracks. Ortiz looks weary and frustrated as Griffin throws the jab and right straight. Another takedown blocked. Forrest lands a lowkick to Tito's already bandaged up left knee that seems to hurt the former champ. With 90 seconds remaining, Tito scores his first tackle since the opening period. Forrest back to his feet with half a minute to go. Both fighters trade heavy punches as the bell sounds to end an exciting, action-packed fight.

Sherdog score: 10-9 Griffin (29-28 Forrest)

Official score: 30-27 (Ortiz) 29-28 (Griffin) 29-27 (Ortiz)

Sean Sherk vs. Nick Diaz
Diaz starts round one with some nice outside boxing and takedown defense. Sherk working hard for a single takedown but the ref restarts the action after the Minneapolis native was unable to finish the tackle. Round one ends with Sean still working for a takedown but he can't get the match to the canvas. Sherk outworked Nick but was unable to dictate the tempo.

Sherdog score: 10-9 Sherk

More of the same in the second preiod, with the shorter fighter working short, compact punches from the inside and looking for a takedown with Diaz staying away, jabbing and circling away from the shot. The Cesar Graie fighter timed a knee but gave up the first takedown of the fight. Very close but uneventful fight through 2 rounds.

Sherdog score: 10-9 Diaz

Slow start for both fighters through 120 seconds of the third stanza. Both fighters trade takedowns, the second of which seeing Nick try a Kimura trip ala Karo-Strasser. The Minnesota native narrowly escaped a front choke as the fight ends.

Sherdog score: 10-9 Sherk (29-28 Sherk)

Official score: 30-27x3 (Sherk)

Tim Sylvia vs. Andrei Arlovski
Round one starts with Arlovski throwing the straight right and Tim countering with his long jab. Hard right straight to the taller fighter's body. Andrei seems right hand happy early. A huge right hand drops Sylvia and almost ends the fight. In an unbelieveable change of events, the Team Miletich fighter recovers and lands a short right on the chin that sends the champion to the mat. The "Maine-iac" quickly took his back and finished with shots to the side of the head at 2:43 of R1.

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