UFC 60 "Hughes vs Gracie" Play-by-Play

May 27, 2006
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Fight #1
Melvin Guillard (Pictures) vs. Rick Davis (Pictures)

Round one starts with The Ulitmate Fighter veteran scoring with punches and knees from the clinch. Davis was never able to mount any offense and is knocked out by an overhand right at 1:37 of the opening stanza.

Fight #2
Gabriel Gonzaga (Pictures) vs. Fabiano Scherner (Pictures)

The opening period was dominated by Gonazaga, who used superior wrestling to score several takedowns. Scherner sustained a cut that prompted a doctors check but he was ruled healthy enough to continue.

Round two starts with a heavy jab followed by a right hand that drops Scherner, forcing referee Steve Mazzagatti to halt the contest at :24 of the second round.

Fight #3
Spencer Fisher (Pictures) vs. Matt Wiman (Pictures)

Round one saw good ground action, with Wiman taking the Miletich trained fighter's back and looking for the choke. After a reversal that resulted in Fisher scoring top position, he landed a brutal elbow that opened a heavy gash on Wiman's face.

After landing a big right hand early in the second period, Fisher took flight on a beautiful flying knee that left his opponent out cold on the canvas at the 1:43 mark.

Fight #4
Jeremy Horn (Pictures) vs. Chael Sonnen (Pictures)

Sonnen found an early advantage in the first round, scoring a takedown and some punches within Horn's guard. Jeremy was very active from his back throughout the period, looking for multiple submissions.

After another Sonnen takedown, Horn showed more offense from his back, eventually transitioning from a armbar to a triangle, then back to the armbar for the finish at 1:17 of the second round.

Fight #5
Joe Riggs (Pictures) vs. Mike Swick (Pictures)

After an extended feeling out process that lasted more than two minutes, The Ultimate Fighter veteran partially landed a right leg head kick that was countered by an attempted takedown. Swick answered quickly with a front choke at 2:19 of the first round.

Fight #6
Assuerio Silva (Pictures) vs. Brandon Vera (Pictures)

The opening period starts with both fighters trading lots of kicks, none of which land cleanly. After a break for Silva to recover from an accidental eye poke, the Brazilian dropped levels to attempt a takedown, but Vera, much like Swick before him, wrapped up a guillotine choke that forced a tap at 2:39 of round 2.

Fight #7
Diego Sanchez (Pictures) vs. John Alessio (Pictures)

Alessio showing great takedown defense in the opening stanza. It appears early that Diego is not going to be able to take this match to the floor. Sanchez is telegraphing his shot and Alessio seems satisfied with just stopping the takedown, as he has not let his hands fly at all.

Sherdog score: 10-9 Alessio

Like a broken record, The Ultimate Fighter season one champion sees his shot stuffed again and again. Alessio starting to find his range with his left jab. Sanchez now bleeding over his right eye. The crowd grows restless as the New Mexico native continues to get flustered and Alessio runs away from a takedown.

Sherdog score: 10-9 Alessio

Sanchez, perhaps feeling urgency after possibly losing the first two rounds, is starting to throw his hands more. After catching a fying knee try from his opponent, Diego finds himself on Alessio's back after a brief scramble. Holding on to the standing Canadian's back for most of the round, this extremely boring fight comes to an end. Diego was able to land some punches from Alessio's back, but was never able to lock in a submission.

Sherdog score: 10-9 Sanchez (29-28 Alessio)

Official score: 30-27 29-28 29-28 (Sanchez

Clearly the crowd thought the Canadian won, as Diego was showered by boos during his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan.

Fight #8
Dean Lister (Pictures) vs. Alessio Sakara (Pictures)

Opening the round by pulling guard, Lister works for an omaplata. Not long after Sakara pulls his arm out of the tight hold, the American very gracefully locks on a triangle that forces the Italian boxer to tap at 2:20 of the first round.

Fight #9
Royce Gracie (Pictures) vs. Matt Hughes (Pictures)

Both fighters look very composed as the first period starts. After a brief clinch against the cage, Hughes scores a takedown directy into side control. Hughes looking for a Kimura. Gracie's arm is being bent back horribly. Royce escapes but Hughes gets on his back with both hooks in. The wrestler then pounds away at Royce's head until referee "Big" John McCarthy stops the bout at 4:39 of the first round. Complete domination by the champion.
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