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UFC 65 "Bad Intentions" Play-by-Play
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Nov 18, 2006
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Josh Shockman vs. Jake O'Brien (Pictures)
Round 1
The first frame is all O'Brien. Jake scored three takedowns in the round and scored with some ground and pound. scores it 10-9 for O'Brien.

Round 2
More of the same in the second round. O'Brien scored with several takedowns, followed more standups from referee Steve Mazzagatti. The crowd grew restless and showered the arena with boos as the pace remained slow. scores the uneventful round 10-9 for O'Brien.

Round 3
Different round, same story. More takedowns from O'Brien followed by ref standups due to lack of action. and the three judges' score the fight 3-27 for Jake O'Brien.

James Irvin (Pictures) vs. Hector Ramirez (Pictures)
Round 1
Ramirez charging forward with hard strikes early in the round. Irivn lands some crisp kicks to Ramirez's leg. Ramirez scores a single leg and quickly takes Irvin's back. Irvin escapes. Irvin launches a wild spinning back fist that misses. Both fighters trade punches. Ramirez scores another takedown just as the horn sounds to end the opening stanza. scores it 10-9 for Ramirez.

Round 2
Irvin continues to score with the low kicks. Irivn lands a superman punch. Ramirez throws a sloppy looping punch that is countered by an Irvin straight right directly on the button. Irvin finished with a kick to the body and some some elbows to the back of his downed opponent's head. Irvin wins by TKO (Strikes) 2:36 R2.

Sherman Pendergarst vs. Antoni Hardonk
Round 1
Pendergarst scores a quick takedown. Sherman working hard with lots of punches from Hardonk's guard. The referee restarts the action to standing. Pendergarst is totally gassed out from the ground and pound he executed early in the round. Hardonk scores with a few kicks to the leg. Hardonk lands a straight left then a hard lowkick that end the fight. Hardonk wins via KO at 3:15 of the first.

Nick Diaz (Pictures) vs. Gleison Tibau
Round 1
Tibau stuffed an early Diaz shot and muscled the fight to the canvas. Tibau working his ground and pound from Diaz's guard. Diaz turtled and Tibau tried to take his back, but Diaz reversed the postion. Tibau then worked for an ompalata and a tight Kimura. with 1:20 left in the frame, Diaz swept and landed some nice ground and pound of his own. scores the close first round 10-9 for Diaz, who stole the round in the last minute.

Round 2
Tibau pushed Diaz to the cage and worked unsuccessfully for a takedown for about 60 seconds. A visably fatigued Tibau flooped to guard. Diaz moved to knee on belly against the cage and pounded the Brazilian out. Diaz wins via TKO at 2:27 of the second round.

Joe Stevenson (Pictures) vs. Dokonjonosuke Mishima (Pictures)
Round 1
Mishima quickly throws Stevenson to the mat. Stevenson locks up a very tight guillotine but Mishima escapes. Mishima moves to side-control but Stevenson works back to guard. Stevenson locks up another guillotine but this time forces a tap. Stevenson wins via submission at 2:07 in the first round.

Brandon Vera (Pictures) vs. Frank Mir (Pictures)
Round 1
Vera with a left hook. Vera lands a straight right and a vicious knee that rocks Mir. The former champion shoots but Vera stuffs and drags him to the canvas. Vera striking from side-control. Mir is in huge trouble. The referee halts the action at the 1:09 mark.

Alessio Sakara (Pictures) vs. Andrew McFedries
Round 1
Right hand lands for McFedries. Sakara lands a knee from the clinch. McFedries lands a punch that briefly stuns Sakara. Sakara lands a few body punches then a straight right that ejects McFedries mouthpiece. McFedries takes the fight to the canvas after eating a Sakara right hand. Sakara starting to tee off with punches from short and long range. McFedries lands a right uppercut that drops Sakara. The American then finishes with a few punches before the referee stops the action at the 4:07 of the first.

Replays showed that Sakara tapped after McFedries pounced on him with several body shots and a heavy right punch after the delayed knockdown.

Tim Sylvia (Pictures) vs. Jeff Monson (Pictures)

A nervous looking Monson enters the cage to John Lennon’s “Imagine.” Sylvia follows to the sounds of Kanye West’s “Jesus Walks.”

Round 1
Sylvia stuffs a Monson shot. Monson shoots again but Sylvia sprawls. Monson is on his belly working for a takedown while Sylvia works his body with punches. “Big” John McCarthy restarts the action. Again Monson shoots but Sylvia has none of it. Monson lands a jab then dives in for an unsuccessful takedown. Monson lands a right hand. Sylvia has kept the fight standing but he is yet to mount any offense. Monson scores with another punch. gives the round to Monson, 10-9.

Round 2
Monson lands a straight right to Tim’s body. Sylvia answers with a few jabs. Monson again tries to get the action to the canvas but Sylvia sprawls and stands over his opponent until the referee forces Monson to stand. Sylvia lands his best punch of the fight. He follows by a three punch combo that grazes. Sylvia's right hand finds its target but Monson is unfazed. scores the round 10-9 for Sylvia.

Round 3
Monson quickly scores a takedown as Tim stepped into a jab. Sylvia working from his back for the first time in the bout. Monson lands a few punches from Sylvia’s guard. Sylvia scoring from the bottom with a few punches and an elbow. Monson moves to side-control. Monson goes for a guillotine but Tim escapes to north-south position. Sylvia stands up. Monson was cut from an elbow Sylvia landed from the bottom in side-control. Sylvia lands a huge knee to Monson’s body right before the horn sounds to end the round. gives the frame to Sylvia 10-9.

Round 4
Monson now sporting a mouse under his right eye. Monson shoots but Sylvia ends up on top of the American Top Team Fighter. Sylvia passes to side-control. We are experiencing server issues due to heavy traffic, please bear with us. scores the round 10-9 for Sylvia.

Round 5
After a few minutes of dancing, “Big” John McCarthy tells the fighters to start working. After the most boring championship round in UFC history, the bout ends to a chorus of boos. scores the last round 10-9 for Sylvia.

Official score:
All for Tim Sylvia.

Matt Hughes (Pictures) vs. Georges St. Pierre (Pictures)
Round 1
The crowd chants U-S-A as the fight begins. St. Pierre is mixing up low kicks and punches effectively early in the bout. St. Pierre lands a spinning back kick. Georges continues to land a stiff jab. St. Pierre lands a groin kick. The Action stops. St. Pierre immediately kicks Hughes again in the groin. “Big” John halts the action to warn the Canadian. St. Pierre lands a right hand. He lands another then takes Hughes down to the canvas. The Canadian passes to half-guard. St. Pierre lands a knee as Hughes escapes to his feet. Hughes shoots but St. Pierre blocks it and lands a right hand. St. Pierre knocks down Hughes with a punch combo as the round ended. The first round is all St. Pierre, 10-8.

Round 2
St. Pierre lands an inside leg kick that trips up Hughes. St. Pierre lands a brutal left leg headkick then pounces on Hughes with elbows and punches, forcing the referee to stop the fight at 1:25 of the second round. Georges St. Pierre is the new UFC welterweight ace.

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