UFC 82 Play-by-Play

Mar 1, 2008
Sherdog.com reports from the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio, with live play-by-play of UFC 82, which is headlined by Anderson Silva versus Dan Henderson (Pictures).

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Jorge Gurgel (Pictures) vs. John Halverson
Round 1
Gurgel started the bout with plenty of low kicks with a few punches from the outside mixed in. Halverson looked to counter, and landed a decent combo halfway through the opening frame. Gurgel worked for a takedown against the fence, and Halverson reacted by pulling guard with a guillotine choke. Gurgel freed his head and pounded from the top position for the rest of the round. 10-9 for Gurgel.

Round 2
A head kick from Gurgel glanced off Halverson's head and glove but it got a nice pop from the crowd. Again, Halverson pulled guard with a guillotine, but Gurgel was free before the fighters hit the floor. From the top, Gurgel teed off and looked close to scoring a stoppage as referee Dan Miragliotta warned Halverson to defend better or get moving. After Gurgel seemingly punched himself out, the fatigued fighter moved to side-control and setup an armbar. Halverson cleared the legs and found himself on top with 15 seconds remaining in the round. He landed some decent shots but it was not enough to steal the round. 10-9 Gurgel.

Round 3
Halverson landed some good leather early in the third, backing Gurgel up with some stiff punches. Two minutes in the stanza, the fighters clinched and Gurgel took the top position after Halverson gave up an easy takedown. Gurgel controlled from the top without inflicting any damage, which prompted the referee to stand the fighters up. Halverson landed another decent punch on Gurgel before time expired. 10-9 Halverson.

The official judges scored the contest, 29-28 (twice) and 30-27, all for Jorge Gurgel.

Diego Sanchez (Pictures) vs. David Bielkheden (Pictures)
Round 1
Diego Sanchez rushed out and got a fast takedown in the opening seconds of the bout. Sanchez worked from the top with punches and elbows, but Bielkheden defended well. Sanchez moved to half-guard and looked for a Kimura, then jumped to mount after his opponent defended. Sanchez started slow from the dominant position but turned it up with 30 seconds left in the round. After eating several hard punches, the Swede fighter tapped out due to punishment at the 4:43 mark of the first.

Mark Coleman was just inducted to the UFC hall of fame.

Dustin Hazelett (Pictures) vs. Josh Koscheck (Pictures)
Round 1
Fireworks right off the bat as Hazelett landed a head kick that backed Koscheck up to the fencing. Hazelett followed with a knee to the head that scored. Koscheck fired back and landed some good leather. Hazelett locked up a standing guillotine as Koscheck looked for a takedown. Koscheck escaped and threw some wild haymakers that glanced of Hazelett's head. Koscheck scooped up Hazelett and took him down, but was caught in a lose triangle as the round ended. Close round that goes to Koscheck, 10-9.

Round 2
A stiff left landed for Koscheck to get the second frame underway. Koscheck circled and dug to the body with hard punches. Koscheck then fired a head kick that hurt Hazelett and knocked him down. Koscheck, who stumbled throwing the kick, got up and finished Hazelett with a vicious right hand and a few more power shots. Referee Herb Dean stepped in to save Hazelett at 1:24 of the second round.

Luke Cummo (Pictures) vs. Luigi Fioravanti (Pictures)
Round 1
Some sloppy standup is played out through the first minute of round one. Luigi got a body-lock takedown but was unable to hold Cummo down. Luigi dropped levels and scored a quick single-leg, but again he could not keep Cummo on the floor. Showing his huge power advantage, Fioravanti executed a beautiful belly-to-back suplex. In the final seconds of the round, Cummo got back to his feet but was taken back down with an inside trip. 10-9 Fioravanti.

Round 2
The second round is a carbon copy of the first, with Fioravanti scoring takedowns of all sorts; doubles and singles, trips and body-locks. Cummo refused to be held down, but was unable to mount offense of any sort, save for a brief moment spent in the top position after he swept Fioravanti during a trip attempt. 10-9 for Luigi Fioravanti.

Round 3
Just like the two previous rounds, Fioravanti continued to dominate with his wrestling. The final period saw Luigi score four takedowns without inflicting any damage or real offense through the course of the bout. Cummo had no answer for Fioravanti's strength, and the Sherdog.com scorecard reflected that with a 30-27 score.

All three official judges agreed with scores of 30-27 for Luigi Fioravanti.

Andrei Arlovski (Pictures) vs. Jake O'Brien (Pictures)
Round 1
O'Brien shot right away for a single, which was stuffed By Arlovski. Three more times O'Brien dropped levels for a takedown, all of which were unsuccessful. On his fourth attempt, Arlovski stumbled while sprawling, which allowed O'Brien to hop on top. Arlvoski was active from the bottom, opening a cut on the forehead of O'Brien with a sharp elbow strike from his back. 10-9 Arlovski.

Round 2
O'Brien's early shots were stuffed in the second round, but he eventually got Arlovski to the canvas. The former heavyweight champion bounced back up and performed a body-lock takedown directly to the mount. From here, Arlvoski blasted away with punches until referee Mark Matheny stepped in to halt the contest at the 4:17 mark of round two.

Jon Fitch (Pictures) vs. Chris Wilson
Round 1
Fitch kicked the inside of Wilson's left leg and kneed from the clinch. Fitch shot in and landed a right knee to the chin after Wilson defended the takedown. Two right hand leads landed for Fitch and then Wilson tuned it on with some hard punches and an uppercut to follow. A jumping knee landed for Wilson but Fitch was able to score a takedown in the process. After a questionable referee standup, the pace slowed with both fighters striking in the center of the Octagon. Wilson kicked the body and got a single-leg, but was swept quickly by Fitch. Wilson went for an omaplata but was not successful as Fitch got back to Wilson's guard.

Josh Gross scored the round 10-9 for Wilson
TJ De Santis scored the round 10-9 Wilson
Mike Fridley scored the round 10-9 Wilson

Round 2
Fitch found himself on top after a scramble for positioning during a Wilson low kick attempt. Fitch worked to pass to half-guard and Wilson defended well at first, but gave up side-control after several minutes. Fitch elbowed the head and punched with a single underhook. Fitch advanced to the mount but Wilson immediately got back to half-guard. Fitch advanced and got to north-south as the round ended.

Josh Gross scored the round 10-9 Fitch
TJ De Santis scored the round 10-9 Fitch
Mike Fridley scored the round 10-9 Fitch

Round 3
Wilson started strong in the third with a kick to the body and a left hook. After stopping a failed throw from Fitch, Wilson ate a hard left and right. Fitch went back to the legs with a low kick. A right hand landed for Fitch and Wilson tried to counter with a spinning back kick. Two more low kicks connected for Fitch. Wilson pawed out a lazy jab and was taken down with a single-leg. Fitch landed two elbows from Wilson's guard. Wilson went for a kneebar and then a triangle, which was semi-deep. Fitch may have been saved by the bell, but it may have not been enough to steal the round.

Josh Gross scored the round 10-9 Fitch (29-28 Fitch)
TJ De Santis scored the round 10-9 Fitch (29-28 Fitch)
Mike Fridley scored the round 10-9 Fitch (29-28 Fitch)

The official scores are 30-27 (twice) and 29-28, all for Jon Fitch.

Yushin Okami (Pictures) vs. Evan Tanner (Pictures)
Round 1
Tanner laded a straight right while Okami jabbed away. Okami dropped Tanner with a straight left, but the former champion recovered quickly and worked for a single-leg against the cage. Okami fought off the takedown and pressed Tanner against the fencing. Okami went to the Thai plum and landed two knees to the body.

Josh Gross scored the round 10-9 Okami
TJ De Santis scored the round 10-9 Okami
Mike Fridley scored the round 10-9 Okami

Round 2
Tanner attacked the outside of Okami's right leg and a knee to the body. Right jab, left uppercut landed for the southpaw Japanese fighter. Right jab, left hook found their target for Okami. Tanner clinched with Okami and kneed the right thigh. Taner dropped down with right hooks to the body, which opened up Okami to land a left knee to the chin. Tanner folded to the canvas as Mark Matheny stepped in to call the fight at 3:00 of the second stage.

Chris Leben (Pictures) vs. Alessio Sakara (Pictures)
Round 1
The fighters exchanged kicks and punches in the first minute but nothing connected flush. Leben and Sakara both landed heavy right hands. Sakara looks to be the more refined striker, but Leben is more powerful at the midway point of round one. Leben turned up the pressure with a knee and a left hook counter shot that dropped Sakara to the canvas. Leben pounced on the hurt fighter, which prompted Herb Dean to show mercy at the 3:16 mark.

Cheick Kongo (Pictures) vs. Heath Herring (Pictures)
Round 1
A right hand from Herring Dropped Kongo down to a knee in the first seconds of round one. Kongo recovered and scored a single-leg takedown into half-guard. Herring used a Kimura to get to his feet, but was taken right back down after Herring caught a low kick. Herring swept and took the top position. Kongo stood up and was caught in a front headlock briefly before taking Herring down again. Kongo went to the mount but could not stay in the position because Herring's back was against the fence. Herring got to his feet and got a takedown of his own. Kongo reversed the position, where he controlled Herring's neck with both fighters in the four point position.

Josh Gross scored the round 10-9 Kongo
TJ De Santis scored the round 10-9 Kongo
Mike Fridley scored the round 10-9 Kongo

Round 2
Kongo took the top position during a scramble. An upkick from Herring forced Kongo backwards, where the fighters stayed until the referee stood Herring up. Kongo bent over and took Herring down with a powerful double-leg. Herring got to his knees, and tasted some punches while the Frenchman was on his back with no hooks. Herring rolled Kongo over and went to north-south. From side-control, Herring landed heavy knees to the body for the rest of the period.

Josh Gross scored the round 10-9 Herring
TJ De Santis scored the round 10-9 Herring
Mike Fridley scored the round 10-9 Herring

Round 3
Herring and Congo clashed low kicks, which knocked both fighters to the ground. Kongo got up first and took the top position on the ground. Herring stood up and rushed in for a single, but Kongo pushed the head to the ground and briefly took Herring's back. Herring spun and went to side-control and north-south, where he punched the body with his right hand. Back in side-control, Herring went to work on the body with his left hand. Knees to the body followed, as Kongo looked clueless with Herring in the dominant position. Herring moved to mount, where the fight finished.

Josh Gross scored the round 10-9 Herring (29-28 Herring)
TJ De Santis scored the round 10-9 Herring (29-28 Herring)
Mike Fridley scored the round 10-9 Herring (29-28 Herring)

The official judges see the bout 29-28 (twice for Herring) and 29-28 for Kongo. Herring took the split decision.

Anderson Silva vs. Dan Henderson (Pictures)

Dan Henderson entered the cage first to the sounds of Red Rider's "Lunatic Fringe." The champion followed to DMX's "No Sunshine."

Round 1
Silva shook hands with Henderson during Herb Dean's instructions but refused to touch gloves once the bell rung. The fighters felt each other out for the first minute, until Dan broke the stalemate with a right hand. Silva answered with a low kick to Henderson's left leg. Henderson clinched with Henderson and took the top position on the ground in half-guard. The challenger punched the head with his right hand while Silva held him tight. Henderson covered Silva's mouth and nose with his glove and wound up on a big elbow that grazed. Henderson moved to side-control briefly until Silva got back to full guard.

Josh Gross scored the round 10-9 Henderson
TJ De Santis scored the round 10-9 Henderson
Mike Fridley scored the round 10-9 Henderson

Round 2
Dan used his footwork to stay away from the champion, but Silva landed a kick to the legs and found himself o top after Henderson slipped. Henderson got back to his feet, where he clinched with Silva against the fence. Henderson landed a right hand but was overwhelmed by Anderson's speed as he was hit with a punch and a knee. Henderson dropped to his knees in search of a takedown, which Silva stuffed and took the top in half-guard. With a minute left in the round, Henderson gave up his back, where Silva punched away with a body-triangle. Silva sunk in a rear-naked choke which forced Henderson to tap. Silva retains the middleweight crown at 4:52 of the second.
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