UFC 91 'Couture vs. Lesnar' Play-by-Play

Sherdog.com reports from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas with live play-by-play of UFC 91, which is headlined by heavyweight champion Randy Couture versus challenger Brock Lesnar.

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Matt Brown vs. Ryan Thomas
Round 1
Thomas starts with a right leg kick and a right head kick. Thomas scores a takedown and advances quickly to side control. They scramble when Thomas tries to fully mount. Brown cage walks and is up. They clinch. Thomas takes him back down. Brown cage walks back up and they clinch against fence. Brown reverses Thomas and pins him against the fence. Thomas takes him down again but this time in center of cage. Brown latches on an armbar. Thomas scoops him up and slams him, but brown doesn't let go. Thomas snakes his way out of the lock. Thomas is now in brown's full guard. Brown scrambles back up but Thomas tries another takedown. Brown locks in a guillotine and pulls guard. Thomas escapes. Close round but Brown takes it, 10-9.

Round 2
Thomas starts off with two right head kicks but misses each. Brown is taken down easily but he latches on a tight armbar. Thomas gets up and slams him down onto the canvas. Thomas tries again, but Brown grabs Thomas' leg to prevent another slam. Brown rolls him over and locks it in. Thomas taps. The official time is :57 of the second round.

Alvin Robinson vs. Mark Bocek
Round 1
They come out boxing and clinch quickly. Robinson tries a whizzer but instead falls to his back. Bocek is in Alvin’s full guard. Bocek passes to side control. Robinson scrambles out and escapes back to his feet. Robinson tries a flying triangle, but he missed his target and falls back onto the mat. Bocek has side control again. Bocek is starting to lay out some good elbows. Robinson scrambles away from danger and pulls guard. Bocek easily passes to side control again. At the bell, Bocek locks in a D'Arce choke but he runs out of time. The first is all Bocek, 10-9.

Round 2
They come out firing jabs, and Robinson lands a nice straight left hand. Bocek scores another takedown via whizzer, and lands in Alvin’s guard. Bocek easily passes to side control, and then full mount. Bocek locks in a guillotine, but Robinson rolls out to escape and falls into another D'Arce. Robinson fends it off. He scrambles, but is mounted again. Robinson has his back taken. Bocek applies a body triangle to set up a rear-naked choke. Alvin defends. They scramble, and Robinson gets into Bocek's guard, but he falls into an omaplata. Robinson escapes and pulls guard near the bell. Bocek takes the frame, 10-9.

Round 3
Bocek pins Robinson along fence immediately. Robinson tries a standing guillotine, but is slammed down hard onto his back. Bocek quickly moves to side control. Bocek scores a full mount when Alvin tries to buck him off. Bocek is raining down punches. Alvin rolls over again and again until Bocek puts his grapevines in. He locks in a body triangle and latches on a tight rear-naked choke. Finally Robinson can’t escape, and is forced to tap out. The official time is 3:16 of third. Great fight.

Jeremy Stephens vs. Rafael dos Anjos
Round 1
Good straight left hand from Anjos. Stephens stuffs a takedown attempt after almost a minute of sizing each other up. Dos Anjos has Stephens pinned along the cage. Good hip toss takedown from dos Anjos and Stephens turtles up. Dos Anjos doing a good job of keeping Stephens down along fence. Stephens pulls guard, but Anjos tries to pass. Stephens tries a guillotine from his back, but he has no leverage. He lets go. Dos Anjos quickly moves to side control. The Brazilian gets full mount and Stephens reverses him. Dos Anjos pulls guard and locks in a tight omaplata but he can't secure it. Stephens escapes at the bell. 10-9 dos Anjos.

Round 2
Stephens is stalking while dos Anjos waits for an opening. Stephens stuffs a double leg attempt 90 seconds in. Dos Anjos scoops up Stephens and slams him down, but he falls into a crucifix. Dos Anjos escapes. Dos Anjos seizes Stephens’ back and applies a body triangle. The Brazilian gets a little over zealous and loses his position and has to pull guard. Sporadic bursts of punches from Stephens. Round ends with Stephens hammering out elbows and punches. Stephens takes the close round, 10-9.

Round 3
They circle, each landing decent leg kicks. Huge right uppercut drops dos Anjos. He's hurt bad and Stephens jumps all over him. He unloads a series of right hands until referee Steve Mazzagatti steps in. Dos Anjos is out. The official time is :39 of the third.

Jorge Gurgel vs. Aaron Riley
Round 1
Hard kick to Riley’s body starts the fight. An inadvertent kick to Gurgel's groin stops the action. It was accidental. The fight continues. They go right at each other. Both swinging wildly with punches. The pace slows a bit. Huge right kick to Riley’s body. Riley is pressing the action. They trade leg and body kicks. Gurgel throws a series of kicks to Riley’s body and head but they are mostly blocked. Good back and forth action at the bell. 10-9 Gurgel.

Round 2
They pick up where they left off. Neither man wants the fight on the ground. They trade punches and kicks for two minutes. Gurgel trips and is down along the fence. Riley stands over him landing sporadic punches. Gurgel gets up. Big left hook to the jaw from Riley. It rattles Gurgel. Jorge is still throwing that right head kick over and over but Riley blocks it every time. Gurgel pressing the action, but both land hard punches. Inside leg trip from Gurgel with ten seconds left. Riley takes the frame, 10-9.

Round 3
Very close fight thus far. They come out banging away. Good action. Gurgel keeps trying that right head kick. Riley hurts Gurgel with a left head kick and Gurgel is pinned along the fence. Riley tees off but can't finish. He backs away and Gurgel looks okay. The pace slows as both men are tired. A lazy right leg kick from Gurgel allows Riley to trip him. Riley lands some punches but lets him up. Riley stuffs a double leg attempt. Riley lands two decent punches and misses a head kick at bell. Good fight. 10-9 Riley. All three official judges see the contest 29-28 for Aaron Riley.

Nate Quarry vs. Demian Maia
Round 1
Maia lands a left, right combination and shoots a single that is stuffed by Quarry. Maia scrambles after dropping to his back and takes the top position. Maia easily advances to mount. Quarry gives up his back while trying to escape. The Brazilian locks on a body triangle and punches the head with his right hand. He sinks his right arm under the chin of Quarry and punches with his left hand. It sets up the rear-naked choke beautifully, as Quarry taps quickly once the hold is sunk. Impressive win from Demian Maia. The official time is 2:13 of the first.

Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Josh Hendricks
Round 1
Gonzaga loads up on a straight right and stops a Hendricks shot in its tracks. Gonzaga goes to the body with a digging left hand. Hendricks steps forward in the pocket and is blasted by a knee to the body and a straight right. The punch is brutal and it drops Hendricks to the canvas. Gonzaga lands one more punch before referee Steve Mazzagatti steps in at the 1:01 mark of the first stanza.

Dustin Hazelett vs. Tamdan McCrory
Round 1
McCrory unleashes a flurry of left-rights that back Hazlett up to the fencing. Hazelett answers with a front kick that drops his opponent. Hazelett tries to follow up with a wild flying knee but it misses. McCrory kicks the front leg of Hazelett and eats a hard punch for his effort. McCrory continues to go to work on the leg of Hazelett. The Team Gurgel fighter pulls guard and goes immediately to an omaplata. The hold is very deep, but McCrory escapes, only to have his other arm caught in the same hold. Hazelett turns the arm over and bends the elbow backwards, forcing a tap at 3:59 of the opening frame due to the reverse armbar.

Kenny Florian vs. Joe Stevenson
Round 1
Florian starts the action with a left low kick. He shows lateral movement as Stevenson rushes forward. Stevenson lands two right hands to the body as Florian runs away like Kalib Starnes. Stevenson switches from a single-leg attempt to the clinch against the fencing. He lifts Florian high into the air, and despite Florian grabbing the top of the cage, he is muscled down. Florian is issued a warning for the foul. Florian stands up and returns to the center of the Octagon. Florian avoids the clinch game of Stevenson and trips him to the canvas. Florian advances to the mount and hammers down with punches from both hands. Stevenson gives up his back and pays the price. Forian locks on a body triangle with a rear-naked choke and Stevenson resists little before tapping out. The official time 4:03 is of the first.

Randy Couture vs. Brock Lesnar

Lesnar enters the cage to the sounds of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman.” The champion follows as Aerosmith’s “Back in The Saddle” plays.

Round 1
Referee Mario Yamasaki gives the final instructions in the center of the Octagon. The fighters stare intensely into each others eyes and Lesnar cracks a smile. The fighters touch gloves and the action is on. Couture goes straight to the clinch as he backs Lesnar up against the fence. Lesnar smartly knees the thigh of the champion as he switches control against the fence. Now pushing Couture against the fence, Lesnar backs off absorbs a hard right hand to the jaw. Lesnar drops levels for a single-leg takedown, which is defended nicely by Couture. Lesnar switches to a double and gets the takedown. The challenger works from half-guard. He briefly has the mount, but Couture has none of it. Couture nearly sweeps Lesnar to his back. Lesnar picks an ankle and counters with a beautiful trip. Lesnar, from half-guard, pins Couture’s right arm down with his leg while punching the head. Couture scrambles to his knees while Lesnar controls from the top. Couture makes it to his feet and has Lesnar pushed against the cage. Lesnar grabs the fencing twice to avoid a takedown and is warned by Yamasaki.

Jordan Breen scores the round: 10-9 Lesnar
TJ De Santis scores the round: 10-9 Lesnar
Mike Fridley scores the round: 10-9 Lesnar

Round 2
Lesnar lands a standing elbow that stuns Couture to start the second round. Couture recovers and clinches with the challenger, where he lands a left knee to the head. Lesnar lands a clean knee to the body and Couture answers with a right hand. Lesnar is cut above the right eye in the exchange. Couture goes right back to the clinch and tastes a right-shoulder punch from the much larger Lesnar. The fighters separate and Lesnar lands a hard right knee to the chin. Lesnar follows with a right hand on the temple. Couture collapses and Lesnar swarms with hammer punches. Yamasaki watches closely as Couture does not answer. He steps in to save Couture. Brock Lesnar takes Randy Couture’s UFC heavyweight title with a second-round TKO. The official time is 3:07 of round two.
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