UFC Fight Night 17 Play-by-Play

Feb 8, 2009
Sherdog.com reports from the USF Sundome in Tampa, Fla., with live play-by-play of Saturday’s UFC Fight Night Card, which is headlined by Joe Lauzon vs. Jeremy Stephens.

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Matt Riddle vs. Steve Bruno
Round 1
Bruno lands a pair of big rights. Riddle bullies into the clinch and scores with tight strikes. Bruno attacks low and high with kicks and punches. Riddle showing a stout chin. Riddle grabs a single leg and scores with a takedown. He passes to half guard and scores with elbows and hammerfists. Bruno scores with a late takedown. 10-9 Riddle.

Round 2
Riddle takes control in the clinch and takes down Bruno. He moves deftly to half guard and batters Bruno with ground-and-pound. Riddle postures and strikes with elbows and hammerfists. Bruno looks weary, but looks for a sweep from the bottom. Riddle pounds away with strikes from above, including a knee to the body. Riddle takes the back with 20 seconds to go, hooks in. Bruno survives. 10-9 Riddle

Round 3
Riddle immediately clinches and powers Bruno to the ground. He again passes to half guard and abuses Bruno against the cage. How much longer can Bruno hold out? Riddle is relentless with his attack. Bruno covers up after eating punches from behind. Riddle takes the back and flattens out Bruno, but the ATT product escapes. Riddle finishes with a flurry and drops Bruno with a knee. Crowd erupts as the round ends. 10-9 Riddle.

All three official judges see the bout 29-28 for Matt Riddle.

Nick Catone vs. Derek Downey
Round 1
Catone throws a mean right hand, and Catone shoots. Downey pushes for a takedown, but Catone reverses him against the cage. They ultimately stand. Catone drags him to the ground and fires away with elbows. Catone passes to half guard and raises a wicked mouse on Downey's forehead. The bulge is alien-like. Catone hammers him with elbows. 10-9 Catone.

Round 2
Downey shoots for a takedown, but Catone sprawls and belts his head with knees. Catone scores with a takedown, passes to half guard and drops more elbows. He locks in a keylock for the tapout 1:15 into round two.

Rich Clementi vs. Gleison Tibau
Round 1
Tibau stuns Clementi with a straight left and delivers a takedown. Clementi stands. Tibau lands another straight left and scores again with a takedown Tibau mounts. Clementi back to half guard and back to full guard. After a scramble, the two lightweights stand. Tibau locks in a standing guillotine, pulls guard and forces the tapout on the ground. Tibau looked great. The end came 4:35 into round one.

Matt Grice vs. Matt Veach
Round 1
The two men flurry before Veach bullies Grice to the canvas. Grice briefly locks in an anaconda but Veach gets free. Grice stings Veach with a punch that sends him to the mat. Grice follows with vicious ground-and-pound but cannot finish. Veach has a granite chin. They stand. During a flurry, Veach lands a crushing right hook. Grice crumbles, and Veach follows him, finishing him with strikes on the ground 4:34 into a furious first round. Veach remains undefeated and shows incredible heart and resolve in the process. Grice protested the stoppage mildly.

Jake Rosholt vs. Dan Miller
Round 1
Rosholt shoots and eats a knee. He puts Miller on his backside, but Miller reverses position on the three-time national champion. They stand, and as Rosholt shoots, Miller secures a modified guillotine. Rosholt taps out inside Miller's loose half guard 1:03 into the opening round.

Robert Emerson vs. Kurt Pellegrino
Round 1
They paw at one another to start. Pellegrino connects with a straight right, but the action stalls. Pellegrino shoots, but Emerson sprawls and gains top position on the ground. They stand. Emerson works his jab and moves into the clinch, scoring a takedown with a trip near the end of the round. 10-9 Emerson.

Round 2
Cornered by Miguel Torres and Kenny Florian, Pellegrino pops Emerson with an overhand right and left hook. Emerson responds with a head kick. Pellegrino barely flinches, even though the blow lands cleanly. Emerson grabs a single-leg and the two scramble. Pellegrino scores with a powerful takedown. He mounts Emerson from there, takes back control and wastes no time cinching a rear-naked choke. Emerson has no choice but to raise the white flag. He taps without putting up much of a fight. The finish came 3:14 into round two.

Anthony Johnson vs. Luigi Fioravanti
Round 1
The fighters trade kicks and punches in the center of the cage, but nothing lands clean. Johnson lands the first meaningful blow a minute in with a beautiful inside low kick. Fioravanti is showing good footwork as he moves away from Johnson’s power. Johnson glances a head kick attempt off the right glove of his opponent. Both fighters land heavy leather in a punching exchange. Fioravanti drops levels for a single-leg that is well defended by Johnson. They clinch and Fioravanti knees the groin protector of Johnson. Referee Troy Waugh gives Johnson a reprieve and the action is back on. Fioravanti lands a left hook on the inside. Johnson drops Fioravanti to his knees with a right hand. Fioravanti gets to his feet and is knocked straight back down with another right hook. Fioravanti covers while Johnson tees off with punches. Just as Waugh was pulling Johnson off, Fioravanti taps to avoid more punishment. The official time is 4:39 of round one.

Josh Neer vs. Mac Danzig
Round 1
Neer is all over Danzig early with punches as Danzig slipped during a head kick attempt. To the body and head goes Neer with hard punches. Danzig lands a counter left with his back to the cage. The fighters trade knees to the body from the clinch. Neer eats another hard punch and blood begins to trickle from just above the left eye. Neer steps forward and is knocked down by a right hand. He stands after a triangle choke and omaplata attempt and gets the better of a punching exchange. Neer taunts Danzig with his arms extended before the round closes.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Danzig
Mike Fridley scores the round 10-9 Danzig

Round 2
Neer gets a takedown and absolutely tees off with elbows to the head from guard and half guard. Neer stands and punches downward, landing clean. Danzig gets Neer into his guard and performs a clean sweep while avoiding an armbar in the process. From the top position, Danzig struggles to mount any offense from Neer’s closed guard. Neer slaps on a triangle choke, pulls the head downward and forces Danzig to submit at 3:36 of the second.

Denis Stojnic vs. Cain Velasquez
Round 1
Velasquez begins with a jab and then exchanges haymakers with Stojnic. Velasquez gets the better of the exchange before clinching with the Golden Glory fighter. Velasquez lands hard knees to the thigh. Velasquez is teeing off with knees and punches. Velasquez goes to the Thai plum and rocks Stojnic’s world with a knee. Velasquez twice tries to muscle Stojnic to the floor but the battered fighter has none of it. A right hand from Velasquez finds a home on the chin of Stojnic. Velasquez goes to work on the lead leg of his opponent with kicks. Two hard kicks connect to the outside and one with the inside of Stojnic’s left leg. And another. Velasquez lands a hard right to the temple before time expires.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-8 Velasquez
Mike Fridley scores the round 10-9 Velasquez

Round 2
Velasquez tees off with punching flurries. Stojnic tries to reply with violence but all he can muster is two open-handed strikes. Velasquez gets a takedown and pulls his head free of a guillotine. He moves to side control and blasts the head with punches and elbows. Stojnic gives up his back and covers up while Velasquez pounds away with his right hand. Referee Jorge Ortiz watches closely as Stojnic does nothing but cover. Ortiz steps in to halt the bout at 2:34 of the second.

Jeremy Stephens vs. Joe Lauzon
Round 1
Stephens comes out throwing bombs. Lauzon pulls guard and begins to work from his back. Lauzon works hard for a sweep but Stephens has none of it. He stands and clinches with Lauzon against the fencing. Lauzon drops down for a heel hold, but Stephens escapes. Lauzon gets a fast takedown and takes the top position in side control. Stephens gets back to guard, although his head is trapped against the fence. Lauzon drops elbows dowanward and Stephens is forced to move. He gives up his back and ends up getting mounted. Lauzon spins for an armbar and has it secured. Stephens pulls his arm free and begins to work punches from the top in guard. Stephens is savage with punches and elbows on the floor. Lauzon takes some heavy shots but he’s fine.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Lauzon
Mike Fridley scores the round 10-9 Lauzon

Round 2
Stephens attacks the lead leg of Lauzon with kicks. The fighters trade an explosive set of punches and both land clean right hands. Lauzon gets a takedown into half guard. Lauzon passes to side control, where he elbows the face with his left arm. Lauzon moves to north-south and then takes side control on the other side. Lauzon slickly mounts Stephens and elbows the head. Stephens gives up his back and Lauzon inserts both hooks. Stephens frees himself from danger and begins to punch from the top position. Lauzon is bleeding badly from a cut near the top of the head. Lauzon sweeps and mounts. He goes for an armbar and he’s got it. Stephens taps twice as Lauzon adjusted positions to keep the arm secured. The official time is 4:43 of round two.
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