UFC Fight Night 22 Results & Live Play-by-Play

Sep 15, 2010
Sherdog.com will report from the Frank Erwin Center in Austin, Texas, at approximately 5:45 p.m. ET with play-by-play and live results of UFC Fight Night 22, which is headlined by Nate Marquardt vs. Rousimar “Toquinho” Palhares.

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Brian Foster vs. Forrest Petz
Round 1
The opening moments of the fight sees the two welterweights circle and exchange pawing jabs. Nothing of consequence lands until Petz tastes Foster's power in the form of a vicious right hand. Petz crumbles to the floor. He is not out instantly but the Oklahoman pounces and referee Herb Dean is forced to save Petz. The official time is 1:07 of the opening frame.

David Mitchell vs. Anthony Waldburger
Round 1
The match begins with Mitchell shooting off of a Waldburger kick. The Texan sprawls and gets on top of Mitchell. After shrugging off a triangle attempt Waldburger and Mitchell get in a battle of leglocks. After nothing is hooked, Waldburger gets on top and gets the back of Mitchell. The Texan moves for a rear naked but settles for mount position. From there he tries to lock up Mitchell's arm for an armbar but is shrugged off. Back on the feet for a moment until Waldburger shoots and gets back on top. A sloppy armbar attempt puts Waldburger on his back but a scramble ensues and the two men get back to their feet. Waldburger ends the round after a takedown that puts him on top in the mount. Waldburger wins the first frame of a sloppy grappling match 10-9.

Round 2
The middle period sees Mitchell defending a Waldburger takedown. The scramble sees Waldburger in Mitchell's half guard where both ment look to fish for each other's legs. Waldburger gets back on top and moves to side. The Texas crowd explodes as Waldburger locks up an armbar, but Mitchell again escapes from any danger. Waldburger stands and lands a solid right hand to the face of Mitchell and then goes back to guard. The men again get in a leg lock war. With 30 seconds in the round a scramble ensues with Waldburger getting on top and finishing the round out. 10-9 Waldburger.

Round 3
Jon Schorle gives the sign for the fighters to begin the final round. Waldburger wastes no time in shooting. On the ground Waldburger moves to north south, then side, and finally mount. Mitchell gives his back and finds himeself deep in a rear naked. However Waldburger again fails to finish a submission that looks deep. He settles for mount where he lands a few nice punches to the face of Mitchell. At the half way point of the round Waldburger lands some elbows from half guard and Mitchell makes space and gets to his feet fot a brief moment until Waldburger forces him to the mat again. With a minute remaining Mitchell is on his back looking for a miracle. Waldburger fights off a weak kimura attempt and getis himself back to mount and takes the back. The round and fight expires with Waldburger pounding at Mitchell from mount. 10-8 Waldburger.

All three official judges see it 30-27 for TJ Waldburger, the winner by unanimous decision.

Rich Attonito vs. Rafael Natal
Round 1
Attonito takes the center of the cage and "Sapo" paws a jab while circling. A right from the Brazilian finds the jaw of Attonito. A chopping left kick from Natal lands to Attonito's lead leg. A left and right dazes Attonito for a brief second but the ATT fighter is far from done. Attonito moves back and fourth from southpaw to orthodox but fails to really throw anything from either stance. Then from nowhere Attonito brings the Frank Erwin center to its feet when he rocks Natal to his core with a flurry. The Brazilian survives and manages a takedown where he finds himself on top in half. The round ends. 10-9 Attontio.

Round 2
The two middleweights start the middle frame pawing jabs back and fourth. Natal misses with a right and then launches a flurry that finds nothing. "Sapo" takes the fight to the floor at the middle point of the round. Attonito locks up a full guard and manages to get back to his feet. Little has taken place with a minute left in the second. A missed Attonito takedown and some missed punches cap off an uneventful middle stanza. 10-9 Natal.

Round 3
The final frame begind with a Natal body kick. The Brazilian follows with a stiff jab. A winging right with bad intentions misses from Natal. Attonito wrestles his foe to the mat and looks to work from full guard. Natal is looking to make space but Attonito has non of it and stays active on top. Natal looks for anything from his back to lock up but Attonito gives him nothing. With a minute left Attonito enough to keep his position but gets stood up with 30 seconds remaining. Nothing of consequence happens and time expires. 10-9 Attonito.

The judges see it. 29-28 (twice) and 30-27 for Rich Attonito, the winner by unanimous decision.

Tomasz Drwal vs. Dave Branch
Round 1
Both men touch gloves to start the fight. Branch flips a jab and chops at Drwal's lead leg with a kick. Branch then lowers his elevation and gets a takedown. On the floor Drwal is trying to hook up a triangle but can't manage to lock it up. Branch wiggles to half guard and looks to work from there. Drwal is trying to get to full guard but is forced to defend light punches from Branch. The crowd is restless while Branch does little from top. Herb Dean has grown tired as well and stands the men up. On the feet Drwal clinches and tries to put Branch in the fence. The New Yorker circles and the round expires. 10-9 Branch.

Round 2
Branch attempts a takedown but Drwal defends and pushes his foe in to the fence. Branch pummels for underhooks and pushes Drwal in to the side of the octagon. From there Branch gets Drwal to the floor and looks to work from his opponents half guard. Drwal gives up mount and has his back taken. From there he bases out and shakes Branch off of him. Back on the feet the two men clinch again and Drwal is muscled in to the fence. They aren't there long when Herb Dean separates them again. A poke to Drwal's eye stops the contest for a moment. Drwal says he can continue and the bout resumes. Branch starts mixing in kicks to his gameplan. Nothing lands hard and the round expires. The Texas crowd boos. 10-9 Branch.

Round 3
The last period starts with Branch executing a takedown after pushing Drwal in to the cage. On the floor Drwal holds on to his opponent from the open guard. Branch stands and allows his opponent to get back to his feet. It isn't long before they clinch again. Herb Dean is very quick to seperate the two men. Neither man throws much as they circle eachother anfd eventually clinch up again. Drwal fends off a takedown from Branch and gets free. With a minute remaining Drwal clinches and puts Branch in to the fence. It isn't long beforee the two men switch positions. The long 15 minutes concludes with the crowd showing their impatience. 10-9 Branch.

The judges see it 30-27 all for David Branch.

Jared Hamman vs. Kyle Kingsbury
Round 1
Jon Schorle starts off the actions and the two men waste little time. Kingsbury dodges a Hamman flurry and gets a takedown. Hamman isn't down for long and gets back to his feet. There Hamman connects with a shot that puts Kingsbury on his heels. Kingsbury manages to get a clinch but Hamman circles. Kingsbury finds the jaw of Hamman but the EliteXC veteran is still game. With two minutes remaining, Kingsbury shoots and executes a double. Hamman avoids being on the mat for too long and stands. Kingsbury finds a home for his right hand and Hamman walks back after eating the shot the jaw. Hamman misses with a flurry to cap off an exciting first frame. 10-9 Kingsbury.

Round 2
Hamman opens the frame by missing a few shots and then eating a Kingsbury jab. Another left hand finds the jaw of Hamman. Kingsbury eats a left but then initiates the clinch. They separate again and Kingsbury is finding his range as several punches land to the face of Hamman. Kingsbury clinches with a bloodied Hamman for a moment but the action goes back to the boxing game. The pace slows for a moment until Kingsbury gets another takedown but allows Hamman to stand again. With a minute left another takedown comes for Kingsbury. Hamman stands and hurts Kingsbury with a flurry. Probably not enough to steal the round . But this fight is far from over. 10-9 Kingsbury.

Round 3
The crowd applauds as the best fight so far of the night starts its final frame. Hamman comes out firing kicks to the legs of his opponent. Kingsbury responds by securing a takedown but Hamman gets right back up. Hamman loses his mouthpiece off of a Kingsbury jab but picks it up and puts it right back in without a stoppage in action. The pace has slowed with 2:30 remaining. Both men trade and eat weak punches with neither man getting a clear edge. A Hamman body kick finds the guts of of Kingsbury. Hamman is quicker with his punches in the final moments of the bout. He is landing hard shots. A backpedaling Kingsbury lands a hard shot of his own to end the round. 10-9 Hamman.

The judges see it 29-28 all for Kyle Kingsbury

Yves Edwards vs. John Gunderson
Round 1
The southpawed Edwards starts off by kicking Gunderson to the body which forces him to fall to the mat for a moment. Gunderson gets back to his feet and looks to trade. Edwards fights off a Gunderson takedown and sneaks around to take his back. Gunderson goes to the mat and Edwards is riding the back of the turtled Gunderson. Edwards is fighting off a Gunderson kimura attempt and does so. Edwards tries to frame up an anaconda choke but settles taking mount and the back of his opponent. The round ends. 10-9 Edwards.

Round 2
The two lightweights kick off the second round looking to strike. Edwards launches a flurry highlighted by a left kick that finds Gundersons body. Gunderson shoots a double but the Pride veteran sprawls and stays on his feet. Edwards clinches and works short knees to the thighs. They separate and Edwards slips on a high kick. The thug jitsu fighter stands back up and eats a Gunderson spinning back kick with 90 seconds remaining. Gunderson shoots for another takedown but ends up on his back. Edwards looking to strike stands and walks away. Gunderson shoots for the legs again and comes up empty. The round ends. 10-9 Edwards.

Round 3
Edwards launches a counter left kick to the body ofg og a Gunderson jab to start the final round. Gunderson shoots in and eats a knee for his effort. Gunderson falls to his back but doesn't lool hurt. Edwards follows him to the floor and looks to work from half. On the floor Gunderson eats some shots including some decent elbows. Gunderson is fishing for a kimura but his attempt goes by the wayside ad Edwards lands another sharp elbow. With a minute remaining Edwards is landing at will. Not enough offense from Edwards happens in the last 30 seconds to cause Kerry Hatley to stop the fight. However it was a nice cap for Yves Edwards return to the UFC. 10-9 Edwards.

All three judges score it 30-27 for Yves Edwards.

Cole Miller vs. Ross Pearson
Round 1
Pearson misses a wild right hand and Miller goes to work on Pearson’s left leg with two low kicks. Pearson unloads with both hands and Miller ducks under and works for a single. Pearson, with his back to the cage, defends the takedown and eats a right hand. Miller pulls guard, but he can’t get the fight to the floor. Pearson continues standing until Miller lets go. The fighters return to the center of the Octagon and Pearson connects with a right-hand lead after tasting a jab. Pearson lands a sharp low kick to the left leg of Miller. And another. Pearson hits the body with his left hand and misses a haymaker. His opponent kicks the body and returns to his reach with the jab. Pearson sets up another low kick with a jab of his own. Miller checks a low kick and kicks the body with his left foot. Pearson sneaks in a left hook after going to the body with a right hook.

Tomas Rios scores the round 10-9 Pearson
Mike Fridley scores the round 10-9 Pearson

Round 2
Pearson counters a jab with a right hand and a left to the body that makes Miller cringe. Miller shoots and Pearson defends with a whizzer. The jab-happy Miller stays on the outside while Pearson starts to find his range with power leads. Miller snaps Pearson’s head back with a straight right. Pearson steps backward and Miller flies high on a jumping knee that barely misses. Two left hands find the chin or Pearson and he goes down. Miller hops on his back and secures a rear-naked choke. Pearson taps quickly. The official time is 1:49 of round two.

Jim Miller vs. Gleison Tibau
Round 1
Both fighters land heavy punches in the opening seconds. Tibau gets the best of the exchange with a left hook. Tibau catches a low kick and takes Miller to the floor. Tibau, from half guard, controls the head and then stands before attempting to jump to side control. Miller has none of it and stands to his feet. Miller connects with a jab that knocks the Brazilian off balance. Tibau drops levels for a double-leg takedown. He lifts Miller into the air and deposits him on the canvas. Miller briefly works a guillotine and stands. With both fighters on their feet in the center of the cage, Tibau lands a solid left hook and catches another kick from Miller. Tibau tries to trip him up, but Miller is game. Miller shoots for a single and Tibau easily defends it with his back to the fencing. The fighters separate and And Tibau blasts his foe with a straight left. Miller lands two hard left hands on the button.

Tomas Rios scores the round 10-9 Tibau
Mike Fridley scores the round 10-9 Tibau

Round 2
Miller cracks Tibau with punches from both hands and connects with a sharp knee to the body. The left that got through for Miller buckled Tibau’s knees. Miller works on a single leg and Tibau is recovering. Miller lets go of the left leg and then is taken down by Tibau. The Brazilian lets him up and the fighters return to their feet, where Miller falls short on a one-two and several haymakers. Miller, a southpaw, tries to regain his composure with the jab, and it works as he sets up a right-hook counter that clips the temple. Miller scores with a short right hand on the chin. Miller attemps a single and Tibau stuffs it before throwing his opponent to the floor. Again Tibau stands and looks to pass. Tibau jumps back into the guard to ride out the round.

Tomas Rios scores the round 10-9 Miller
Mike Fridley scores the round 10-9 Miller

Round 3
Tibau connects with a beautiful double-jab, left straight combination. Miller scores with a right hand as the pace starts to slow. Miller drops for a double and Tibau stops it in its tracks. Miller sets up a left hook and a “Superman” punch. Tibau briefly works for a standing kimura and Miller drives through for a single. Tibau stands on one leg defending the shot with his back to the fence. The crowd boos the slow action. The fighters separate and Tibau shoots in for a single. Miller stays upright and shucks off another Tibau takedown attempt. Tibau works another single against the fencing and the uneventful final frame closes.

Tomas Rios scores the round 10-9 Miller (29-28 Miller)
Mike Fridley scores the round 10-10 (29-29 Draw)

Official scores: 30-27 (twice) and 29-28 for the winner by unanimous decision, Jim Miller.

Efrain Escudero vs. Charles Oliveira
Round 1
The fighters clinch against the fence and referee Kerry Hatley breaks them apart. Oliveira lands a left hook and has a single attempt stuffed. Escudero, with his back to the fence, looks to trip his opponent to the floor with a judo toss, but he can’t get him down. Oliveira connects with a low kick and uses good head movement to avoid an Escudero flurry. Oliveira whiffs on a jumping knee and the pace slows as the fighters circle in the center of the Octagon. Hatley asks for action. Oliveira chops at Escudero’s left leg with sharp low kicks. Oliveira goes to the inside low kick and then fails on a single. Escudero defends and elbows the back. Oliveira flops to his back and sucks Escudero into a ground battle. Escudero secures half guard and works his right arm around the neck. Oliveira gets to full guard and Escudero lands three hard elbows before the horn.

Tomas Rios scores the round 10-9 Escudero
Mike Fridley scores the round 10-9 Escudero

Round 2
Oliveira is moving well on his feet while throwing his low kicks. They’re very effective. Oliveira drops for a single and kicks the other leg out from under Escudero. The “Ultimate Fighter” alum transitions to the back, but he can’t keep the position. Both fighters are back on their feet. Oliveira continues his assault on Escudero’s left leg with low kicks. Oliveira connects with a one-two and then misses a jumping knee. From the Thai plum, Oliveira lands a hard jumping knee to the chin. Now back at long range, Oliveira kicks the left leg and body with a teep. Oliveira is picking Escudero apart and he starts to taunt his opponent. Escudero has yet to find an answer for the low kicks. Oliveira kicks the body and slips. The fighters scramble for position and stand before the horn.

Tomas Rios scores the round 10-9 Oliveira
Mike Fridley scores the round 10-9 Oliveira

Round 3
Oliveira puts his left foot on the groin protector of Escudero. Referee Hatley calls time to give the fighter a short reprieve. The action is restarted and neither man seems able to find their rhythm as blocked punches are the theme. The fighters clinch against the cage and Escudero lands a knee to the groin. Oliveira crumbles and time is called. Oliveira is in serious pain and it looks like we’ll have a long break. A few minutes pass and we’re back to fighting. Oliveira engages with front kick and punches. Oliveira throws Escudero to the floor and takes his back as the TUF alum stands. Oliveira locks up a standing rear-naked choke and Escudero taps. The official time is 2:25 of round three.

Nate Marquardt vs. Rousimar “Toquinho” Palhares
Round 1
A lot of feinting from Marquardt early on. Palhares seems more relaxed as he lets the fight come to him. Marquardt is moving around well, but doing little in terms of offense. Palhares closes the distance and Marquardt clips him with an uppercut and a right hand. Marquardt has yet to land any of the jabs he’s thrown. Finally Marquardt steps forward and lands a right hand. Palhares cuts off the cage and takes Marquardt down with a double. Marquardt attempts an inverted triangle and the Brazilian has none of it. Palhares drops down for a heel hook and immediately complains that Marquardt is greased up. While he was complaining, Marquardt cracks him with a right hand and then unloads with both hands to the head. Referee Herb Dean gives Palhares a chance to fight back, but he doesn’t. Dean stops it, giving Marquardt the TKO win. Palhares confronts Marquardt in a friendly way and grabs his leg to check for grease. The official time is 3:28 of the opening period. Joe Rogan reports on the broadcast that the commission and referee found no sign of greese on the leg, both before and immediately after the contest.
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