UFC Silva vs. Irvin Play-by-Play

Sherdog.com reports from The Pearl in Las Vegas with live play-by-play of UFC Fight Night, which is headlined by a light heavyweight showdown pitting Anderson Silva (Pictures) against James Irvin (Pictures).

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Dale Hartt vs. Shannon Gugerty (Pictures)
Round 1
Gugerty starts the contest by attacking Hartt’s legs with low kicks. Hartt rushes in and got a takedown from the clinch. Hartt gives up position to try a guillotine choke but it is defended well. Gugerty escapes and passes to mount. Hartt rolls over and gives up his back. Gugerty works for a rear naked choke that is defended well at first, but on the third attempt, he forces Hartt to submit at 3:33 of the opening frame.

Brad Blackburn (Pictures) vs. James Giboo
Round 1
Blackburn repeatedly tagged Giboo with punches through out the first stanza. Giboo was able to score a couple takedowns in the round but he was unable to hold his opponent down. By the end of the frame, Giboo, who had taken lots of punishment, was completely out of gas. Sherdog.com scored the round 10-8 for Blackburn.

Round 2
More of the same in the second. Blackburn roughed Giboo up on the feet with with punches. Giboo, completely fatuigued, ate a flying knee that dropped him to the canvas. The end came shortly after as Blackburn swooped in for the finish via strikes. The official time was 2:29 of the second.

Nate Loughran (Pictures) vs. Johnny Rees
Round 1
Rees scores an early takedown from the clinch and Loughran tries for a triangle but Rees defends. The two remain on the ground for a few minutes with Loughran cut over the left eye. Rees gets stuck in a triangle again. He's out but still in Loughran's guard. Rees gets caught in another triangle and this one looks deep. Rees finally taps out after Loughran torques his hips. Loughran's face is swollen from the strikes he absorbed just before the triangle. Official time of the tapout is 4:21.

Brodie Farber (Pictures) vs. Rory Markham (Pictures)
Round 1
The crowd is heavily behind Markham and Mazzagatti is the referee for this one. Both fighters look pumped and come out swinging. Hard straight right by Rory starts off a fast paced bout with both men throwing bombs. Rory gets tagged by a right hand and he's hurt. Farber closes in and lands two more right hands which sends Rory backpedaling to regroup. A huge right head kick follows by Markham and Farber is out! He falls flat on his back and stiff as a board. Easily one of the best head kick KOs in UFC history. After about a minute, Farber is up and on his stool. Official time is 1:37.

Timothy Credeur vs. Cale Yarbrough
Round 1
Cale making his debut but doesn't look nervous. Mario Yamasaki is the referee and Cale starts with a stiff right and leg kick. Both guys are punching freely. Hard right hand by Cale but Tim fires a right/left in return. Cale more aggressive but Tim is okay with banging with him. Right hand stings Cale and he backs into the cage. Tim closes in and lands a hard right uppercut. Cale drops and Tim swarms. Cale looks out and Yamasaki stops it. Good TKO for Tim. Official time is 1:54 of the first.

Jesse Taylor (Pictures) vs. CB Dollaway (Pictures)
Round 1
Taylor and Dollaway open the main card action this evening with Yves Lavigne refereeing. Taylor takes the center of the octagon early and goes for a takedown but Dollaway shucks him off. Taylor opts to clinch against the cage while Dollaway goes for a whizzer that ends with Taylor on top. A scramble on the mat ends with Dollaway landing an illegal knee which leads to a stiff warning from Lavigne. Taylor declares himself fit to fight after a brief rest and shoots in for a takedown that Dollaway reverses. Now in mount, Dollaway moves to Taylor's back looking for a rear naked choke. Taylor turns out of back mount, gets back to the feet and scores a trip takedown. The action slows with Taylor on top landing the occasional elbow and punch. Taylor suddenly gets over aggressive with looping shots which leads to Dollaway taking his back yet again. Dollaway quickly transitions to a Peruvian necktie submission and scores a beautiful tap out win in the first round. The official time is 3:58 of the opening frame.

Kevin Burns vs. Anthony Johnson
Round 1
With Steve Mazzagatti presiding over the action, Johnson and Burns touch gloves to start the action. Johnson lands an inside leg kick but Burns comes out throwing leather before clinching up Johnson. An extended battle in the clinch ensues with a few knees by Burns landing before the two men disengage. Burns starts landing solid punches on Johnson who appears disconcerted by an opponent who can press him. The pace slows a bit and Johnson lands a kick to the groin that prompts a brief stoppage. Burns again takes the center of the octagon but Johnson responds with a huge double leg takedown. Not much action as Burns ties up Johnson creating a stalemate on the ground. The stalemate continues as Johnson lands small punches while Burns occasionally looks for a submission. Mazzagatti restarts the bout on the feet and Johnson lands a front push kick to Burns' midsection. Johnson is looking to unload late but Burns clinches him up and waits out the last moments of the first round. 10-9 for Johnson.

Round 2
The second round starts with a leg kick by Johnson and an exchange where neither man lands. Johnson then stuns Burns with a flying knee and punches. With Burns backed up against the cage, Johnson rushes in for another flying knee but Burns recovers quickly and ties up Johnson. Just as quickly, Johnson escapes the clinch and grazes Burns with a pair of huge punches. The two start exchanging leg kicks with Johnson getting the better of it by mixing in punches. Burns appears to be slowing down while Johnson looks to land another haymaker. Johnson is taking the center of the octagon now but Burns lands a nice head kick. Johnson appears unfazed and both men look tired as Johnson scores a body lock takedown. Burns immediately transitions to a kimura but Johnson has none of it. The action slows and Mazzagatti restarts the bout on the feet with about 15 seconds to go. Johnson scores another double leg takedown to close out the round. 10-9 for Johnson.

Round 3
Burns opens the third round by landing several leg kicks while Johnson sticks to the occasional straight punch. A solid uppercut lands for Burns and is followed by another leg kick. Johnson times a leg kick and lands a single leg takeown counter. They eventually end up back on the feet but Johnson scores another double leg takedown with Burns offering little resistance. Not much action on the mat and Mazzagatti restarts the bout yet again. Back on the feet, Burns lands an uppercut that appears to drop Johnson but it turns out to be an accidental eye poke for which Burns had been repeatedly warned earlier in the bout. After some confusion, Burns is declared the winner by TKO at 3:35 of the third round. Bizzare decision considering the earlier warnings.

Jake O'Brien (Pictures) vs. Cain Velasquez (Pictures)
Round 1
Next up is Velasquez taking on O'Brien with Mario Yamasaki serving as referee. The two men exchange punches early as O'Brien goes for a takedown but exposes his back and Velasquez promptly takes advantage. O'Brien rolls to his back and gives up side control to Velasquez who secures the crucifix position and lands a string of unprotected punches. Yamasaki is allowing the action to go on but Velasquez is absolutely relentless with strikes while maintaining the crucifix which forces Yamasaki to step in and halt the bout. Impressive showing by Velasquez who wins via TKO at the 2:02 mark of the first round.

Frank Edgar (Pictures) vs. Hermes Franca (Pictures)
Round 1
Edgar and Franca square off in the lone lightweight tilt on the main card with Yves Lavigne handling the action. Edgar comes out looking to throw punches but Franca immediately flops to guard and Edgar follows him down. Edgar staying composed on top landing short strikes while stifling Franca's submission game. Edgar continues to land short, powerful strikes while Franca can't seem to find an opening. Franca secures an armbar out of nowhere and has it deep while Edgar frantically defends the tecnique. After some tense moments, Edgar manages to pull his arm out and ends up going back to the feet. Edgar engages on the feet but Franca lands some big punches that force Edgar to take him back to the ground. Edgar lands a few short punches while Franca remains composed operating from the guard. The round closes with not much action as Edgar remains disciplined on top. 10-9 Edgar.

Round 2
The second round opens with a strong leg kick by Franca but Edgar looks better on the feet this time around using his superior hand speed to catch Franca with combinations before landing a takedown. Edgar continues with his ground and pound strategy and continues to find success with it. Edgar tries to pass guard but Franca keeps this bout right where it is. Edgar continues to land compact strikes while Franca offers little offense of his own. Edgar collapses Franca's guard and takes his back with no hooks in which allows Franca to roll back to guard but not before absorbing a few punches from Edgar. They scramble back to the feet but after a brief exchange, Edgar takes it back to the ground to close out the round. 10-9 Edgar.

Round 3
The action in the third starts quickly with Franca landing a big uppercut off an attempted takedown by Edgar. Franca then dazes Edgar with a knee off another attempted takedown which prompts Edgar to take the bout down. After landing a few blows inside Franca's guard, the bout goes back to the feet and Edgar sneaks in a nice high kick but Franca barely flinches. Another takedown by Edgar and Franca looks for an omoplata but Edgar avoids it easily and ends up taking Franca's back with no hooks in. Franca gets himself back on his feet but Edgar throws him down yet again. Franca is desperate for a submission at this point but Edgar's top control is solid. Nice attempt at an elevator to armbar transition by Franca but Edgar evades it with surprising ease. They go back to the feet and Franca lands a couple of punches followed by a massive knee that wobbles Edgar badly but Edgar immediately secures a takedown and ends the round in top control. 10-9 Franca. Edgar wins 30-27 on all three scorecards.

Brandon Vera (Pictures) vs. Reese Andy (Pictures)
Round 1
Vera and Andy start up the co-main event with Seve Mazzagatti serving as the third man in the octagon. Vera starts off with a high kick that Andy blocks. Andy responds with a takedown but Vera is quickly back on his feet against the cage. Vera setting up a thai clinch and lands a knee before Andy backs out. Vera switches to a southpaw stance and whiffs on a huge head kick. Andy goes for a leg kick that misses and Vera responds with a leg kick of his own that sends Andy to the canvas. Vera signals for Andy to get back on his feet and the action resumes with Andy clinching Vera against the cage. Not much action as neither man does much inside the clinch. Vera suddenly scores a takedown and lands in side control. Vera is trying to secure mount but Andy is defending quite well so Vera backs off and they go back to the feet. The round ends with Vera stuffing a takedown by Andy. 10-9 Vera.

Round 2
Second round opens with both men cautious but Andy tries his luck at a takedown and ends up with Vera back control with one hook in. Andy turns into it, gets back to half guard and eventually back to the feet. Vera secures a thai clunch but can't land that big knee. Vera switches his stance to southpaw again as the pace slows considerably. Vera appears to daze Andy with a high kick from close range but Andy recovers quickly and the pace slows to a crawl again. Vera lands a leg kick that spins Andy around but the round ends before he can follow it up. 10-9 Vera.

Round 3
The third and final round starts slow as Vera appears to be looking for one fight ending strike. Andy responds by landing a stiff jab and pushing Vera against the cage. Not much action in the clinch as both men jockey for position. Mazzagatti breaks up the stalemate in the clinch but they end up going back to it anyway. Again the pace slows as neither man lands much offense. Vera attempts a trip takeown but Andy defends it well. Vera looking for thai clinch now and lands a couple of knees but Andy takes them with ease. Andy is desperate to score any offense he can but Vera stifles his every attempt and rides out the final bell. 10-9 for Vera. The official judges see the contest 30-27 (twice) and 29-28.

Anderson Silva (Pictures) vs. James Irvin (Pictures)
Round 1
Silva and Irvin kick off the main event with Mario Yamasaki serving as referee. They meet in the center of the octagon with Silva scoring an inside leg kick. Silva is staying back mostly, looking for an opening while Irvin tries to stalk him around the cage. Irvin throws a leg kick but Silva catches it and lays Irvin out with a straight right. A quick blitz of punches on a prone Irvin forces Yamasaki to halt the contest at 1:01 of the first round.

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