UFC on FX 2 Update: Johnson-McCall Ruled Majority Draw, Rematch to Come

A tabulation error at UFC on FX 2 has caused a massive miscue in the UFC’s ongoing flyweight tournament and placed a controversial bookend on the promotion’s third trip to Australia. Though announced as a majority decision victory for Demetrious Johnson over Ian McCall, the evening’s first flyweight semifinal was actually scored as a majority draw, UFC president Dana White announced at the post-fight press conference.

“Unfortunately, controversy has stuck to us like glue lately, but these things happen. Human error happens,” White told the media at the Allphones Arena in Sydney. “The Demetrious Johnson-Ian McCall fight was not scored properly. The fight was a draw, and in the case of a draw, the fight was supposed to go to a fourth round. I don’t even know what to say, but the commission has taken responsibility.”

The error in question was made by Craig Waller, executive officer of the Combat Sports Authority of New South Wales.

“I take full responsibility for the error that was incurred. Unfortunately, I misread one of the scorecards,” said Waller. “The fight should have been a majority draw, and we should have gone into that fourth round. I sincerely apologize to both fighters, to Dana, and to every single fan of the UFC.

“It’s great to see that it’s being taken well by both combatants, and they’re looking forward to a rematch, hopefully in April.”

White, however, did not confirm the April timeline. According to the UFC boss, the impending rematch will be played by ear, as both men need time to recover from the taxing bout.

Exciting for the 15-minute duration, the flyweight semifinal proved a highly competitive affair, with both men stringing together solid offense in the first frame before Johnson took the reins in round two. The third round was all “Uncle Creepy,” however, as McCall scored on a takedown and secured Johnson’s back, dropping ground-and-pound and delivering the most damaging blows of the fight.

After hearing of the error after the bout, Johnson expressed his dissatisfaction with the situation not only for himself, but also for Joseph Benavidez, who knocked out Yasuhiro Urushitani in the other flyweight semifinal on Friday night.

“I thought I had the victory. It sucks, because it’s going to prolong stuff. Even for Joseph Benavidez, he’s going to have to sit out probably six months,” said Johnson. “These fights aren’t easy. They’re hard on the body. It takes time to recuperate and let your face heal and get back after it. I was ready to go a fourth round and do my job.”

Predictably, McCall was less disappointed with the result, having been justly given another chance to earn a finals berth.

“Things happen. Shoot, we get to fight again. You guys had a good time, right?” said the former Tachi Palace Fights champion. “We’ll put on another show. I’m happy, because I got a little vindicated, but we get to do it again, and that is awesome.”
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