WEC 26 Play-by-Play

Mar 24, 2007
Sherdog.com's Mike Sloan reports from The Joint inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada with live play-by-play of WEC 26, headlined by John Alessio (Pictures) versus Carlos Condit (Pictures) for the promotion's vacant 170-lb. title.

Also on the card, WEC featherweight champion Urijah Faber (Pictures) attempts to defend his crown against Dominick Cruz and Chase Beebe will challenge Eddie Wineland (Pictures) for his 135-pound belt.

Live Results Here.

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Steve Cantwell vs. Brian Stann
Round 1
Brain Stann and Steve Cantwell begin on their feet and basically go toe-to-toe. Decent action and Stann lands a sweeping overhand right. Cantwell got dropped and Stann pounced, landing two more right hands. The ref jumped in quickly. Stann wins via first round TKO at 41 seconds. The stoppage looked a bit premature on the replay.

Jesse Moreng (Pictures) vs. Micah Miller
Round 1
They clinch and Miller is taken down. Miller using his guard and is trying a gogoplata first and then an armbar. Nothing yet. They are stood back up from Herb Dean. They battle in a clinch and Miller lands a good right kne that drops Moreng. He's okay and gets back up. They grapple in the clinch for a while and Moreng scores a trip takedown. Back in Miller's guard where he is using a solid rubber guard. Sherdog.com scores the first round for Jesse Moreng, 10-9.

Experiencing technical difficulties.

The second round ends with Moreng in Miller's guard where Miller tries a gogoplata. Sherdog.com scores the second round 10-9 for Miller.

Good stand-up exchanges early in third. Both guys pretty tired from the action. Solid back and forth action. Moreng scores a quick single leg but falls into a loose triangle. Miller tightened it up and slowly sucked the air out of Moreng. Finally Moreng taps out. Awesome fight. Miller wins via triangle submission at 3:29 of the third round.

Scott Norton (Pictures) vs. Alex Serdyukov (Pictures)
Round 1
Norton scores a takedown thirty seconds in. Norton stuck in a triangle for about 90 seconds. He's out and is pounding away at Alex. Norton falls back into the triangle but then quickly esacpes. Good skirmish and Alex winds up taking Norton's back and pounds away at his head until the end of the round. Sherdog.com scores the round 10-9 for Serdyukov.

Round 2
Norton very tired and scores an accidental takedown. He slips into Alex's guard and is caught in a guillotine. Alex wraps up his guard and forces Norton to tap out. The official time is 57 seconds.

Charlie Valencia (Pictures) vs. Antonio Banuelos (Pictures)
Round 1
Both men charged at each other right out of the gate and stood toe-to-toe. Antonio was taken down but caught Valencia in a guilloine, whcih he escaped. Back on their feet and there is solid toe-to-toe action. Banuelos scores a huge body slam takedown, but Valencia got up quickly. Banuelos pins Valencia against the fence but eats a devestating right uppercut, which floors him. He is out, but Valencia lands another right hand. The official time of the knockout is 3:12 of the first round.

Tommy Lee vs. Cub Swanson (Pictures)

In the pre-fight video interviews, the two obviously have bad blood between each other.

Round 1
Feeling each other out for a little while. They get into a clinch and Cub is scooped up by Lee. Lee tries to slam him down ala Matt Hughes, but is caught in a guillotine on the way down, and winds up letting him down softly. Lee escapes the choke and is working in Cub's guard. Cub switched to a good butterfly guard and suckered Lee into another guillotine, forcing Lee to tap out. The official time of the submission is 3:17 of round 1.

Tiki Ghosn (Pictures) vs. Dave Terrel (Pictures)
Round 1
These two pretty much hate each other. Tiki refused to touch gloves to start the bout. The two go right at it once the fight starts. It's toe-to-toe and each land solid punches. Good action thus far. Terrel landing the better punches. Terrel tries a head inside single leg, but Tiki defends it. Huge right elbow from Tiki followed by a straight left. Terrel is hurt and Tiki cloese the gap. Terrel in danger of being taken out, but he fights back bravely. Terrel is down and Tiki takes his back. Tiki lands several shots to Terrel's head, but some land directly on the back of Terrel's head. Herb Dean stops the action to warn Tiki for the illegal punches. They resume and Tiki lands a good knee while in the clinch but Terrel lands a left hook, that cuts Tiki under his right eye. End of the round. Sherdog.com scores it 10-9 for Ghosn.

Round 2
Terrel fighting cautiously from the start and lands some good straight lefts. Many straight lefts opens the cut more and puffs up Tiki's eye. Tiki is hurt by a flurry from Terrel! He stumbles back and Terrel unloads. He dishes out dozens of punches, but many miss. A right cross drops Tiki but Ghosn gets back up. he is reeling along the fence and Terrel unloads again. Another flurry, this time many of Terrel's punches land. Tiki is hurt badly and is being teed off on. Dean steps in and stops the action. Awesome war! Terrel wins via 2nd round TKO with the official time being 1:46.

Erik Apple (Pictures) vs. Brock Larson
Round 1
Good clinch and Larson scores an impressive single leg takedown. Larson in Apple's half guard. Larson scores Apple's back during a sweep and has a rear naked choke latched on. So far Apple is safe from the choke but there is still 3 minutes left. Apple escapes but is stuck in side control. Apple tries for a toe hold, but Larson is okay. He starts landing punches from up top. Larson rained punches from side mount and Apple tried to sweep. Larson rolled over and went from armbar to kimura. Finally Larson seured the kimura and forced Apple to tapout. Official time of the submission is 3:43 of the first. Good WEC debut for Larson.

Chase Beebe vs. Eddie Wineland (Pictures)
Round 1
Good scrap thus far. Wineland is the superior striker and is using his speed and reach advantage to a T. Beebe is not hurt but he is getting tagged. Beebe got stunned with a right hook and was dropped, but he's okay and got back up. Beebe scored a single leg takedown and tired to pass the guard. Wineland bounced back up to his feet but he is cut on the inside corner of his left eye. Wineland landing some more solid punches but Beebe scores another takedown. Round ends with Beebe in Wineland's guard. Sherdog.com sees it 10-9 for Wineland.

Round 2
Winlenad also has a small cut in the middle of his left eyebrow. Beebe scores another takedown early. Wineland applies a good armbar but Beebe is able to slip out of it. Beebe scores a full mount and is raining punches and elbows. Wineland is slipping them but he's in a bad spot. Wineland tried to escape but he was suckedback into the position. Wineland is cut on his right eye now. Beebe is tearig him up. Beebe seemed to have run out of gas and he can't take out Wineland. Wineland took a lot of punishment but somehow survived three minutes plus of being mounted and pelted with strikes. Sherdog.com sees it 10-8 for Beebe.

Round 3
Another single leg takedown for Beebe 45 seconds into the third. Beebe has total side control and Wineland looks gassed. Wineland slipped away and forced a full guard. Wineland has a swollen right ear and is now bleeding profusely from his ear. His swollen ear burst open and blood is all over the place. Beebe is dominating the champion completely. Wineland's ear is a gory mess and it's shredded. Wineland also has a cut on his forehead due to elbows from Beebe. Referee Steve Mazzagatti stands them up and Wineland is gathering his senses. Guillotine by Wineland while in a clinch. Round three ends. Sherdog.com sees it 10-9 for Beebe.

Round 4
Replays shows a left elbow landing on Wineland's couliflower ear and it literally explodes on impact. Blood literally sprayed a few feet on impact. Beebe is content to stand and strike with Wineland but he is now losing his momentum. Wineland's back in the fight. The pace has slowed and Wineland is covered in blood. He looks like Sissy Spacek in Carrie. Another takedown from Beebe but Wineland keeps full guard. The right side of Wineland's face is a swollen mess. Still in guard, but not much is happening. No ground and pound from Beebe. Very close fourth round. Almost too close to call. Sherdog.com sees it 10-9 Beebe.

Round 5
Wineland clearly needs a miracle knockout or submission in order to retain his title. Both very cautious to start the last round. 3 minutes left and Wineland is not pressing for a KO. Some hard leg kicks from Wineland but the action is almost non existant now. Beebe seems to know he has the fight in the bag. Wineland lands a kick to Beebe's groin but Beebe is ok. 40 seconds left and Wineland seems desperate. Beebe defends the strikes. Fight ends with a clinch. Sherdog.com sees it 10-9 Wineland. Sherdog.com sees the fight in Beebe's favor 48-46 and he should take the title home. The official scores are: 48-47, 48-46 (twice) for Beebe. He is the new WEC bantamweight champion.

Dominic Cruz (Pictures) vs. Urijah Faber (Pictures)
Round 1
Faber starts off with a high right kick. Both land some hard punches. Very fast pace thus far. Cruz scores a huge takedown but lands into a guillotine. Faber works the choke perfectly and secures it deeply. He rolled Cruz over and secured the guillotine from the mount, forcing Cruz to tap out. Faber scored the submission at just 1:38 of the opening round. Faber called out "Kid" Yamamoto.

Next up is the final fight of the night, the WEC welterweight title fight between #1 contenders John Alessio and Carlos Condit. Both men seem to despise one another and both promise to knock the other out, with the loser going to the hospital.

Carlos Condit (Pictures) vs. John Alessio (Pictures)
Round 1
Fierce staredown starts the fight. These two do not like each other. huge body lock takedown from Alessio a minute in. Condit swept and had the mount, but he slipped off Alessio. They are back on their feet. Alessio scores a takedown and is now in Condit's guard. They are back up. Alessio catches a lazy right kick and scores another single leg takedown. Alessio has side control and lands a few decent elbows and punches. Condit rolls over into full guard. Alessio escapes and gets back up to his feet. Condit throwing flying kicks and knees, but they are sloppy and miss their mark badly. Good action in the round and the round closes with Condit missing a few kicks to the body. Sherdog.com sees it 10-9 Alessio.

Round 2
Single leg takedown from Alessio starts off the second. Alessio in Condit's full guard early. Alessio is vey, very relaxed while Condit seems anxious. Condit kicks out and gets back to the feet. Condit lands a few solid, loopy right hands. A left hand/right high kick grazes Alessio which forces Alessio to scored a body lock takedown, but he slips and winds up on his back. Condit in Alessio's guard but fights his way back onto his feet. The momentum has swung totally into Condit's favor. Condit lands some heavy knees from the clinch late in the round. Alessio drops down and is caught in a kimura. Alessio is in deep trouble and Condit seizes his back. He applies a body triangle and latches on a rear naked choke. Alessio taps out with one second left in the round.

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