WEC 30 Play-by-Play

Sherdog.com reports from the Joint inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada with live play-by-play of WEC 30, which is headlined by Rob McCullough (Pictures) versus Richard Crunkilton (Pictures).

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Live Results Here.

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Ian McCall vs. Coty Wheeler
Round 1
The first round is all McCall. Wheeler took a beating in the first round but survived several scary positions. Wheeler is bleeding over his left eye. Sherdog.com scores the first 10-9 for McCall.

Round 2
The second started with a slower pace, but picked up at around the 3:00 mark. Wheeler pulled guard, and paid the price for it as McCall pounded away and later achieved the crucifix position, where he went to work with more elbows. Wheeler made it to his feet near the end of the round, but he could not mount any offense. 10-9 for McCall.

Round 3
The final period started with a lot of stalking from both fighters with the occasional exchange of a low kick. About three minutes in, McCall scooped up Wheeler and slammed him to the canvas, where Wheeler attempted a kneebar. McCall escaped and landed two brutal right hands, which forced the referee to intervene at 4:34 of the third. Wheeler did not protest.

Joe Benoit vs. Blas Avena (Pictures)
Round 1
Avena was on the attack from the opening bell, looking to open up with his hands. Benoit ducked under the punches and shot a single-leg, where Avena latched on a guillotine choke before rolling him over and forcing a tap just 29 seconds into the bout. Quick win for Blas Avena.

Kenneth Alexander (Pictures) vs. Donald Cerrone (Pictures)
Round 1
An interesting ending to this one. Cerrone came out and landed a left hand that dropped Alexander. After making it to his feet, Alexander scored a takedown and went straight to side-control. From this position, Cerrone, on the bottom, raised his hips and locked on a modified triangle from the bottom, which forced Alexander to tap at the 0:56 mark of the opening frame.

Bryan Baker (Pictures) vs. Jesse Forbes (Pictures)
Round 1
Explosive performance from both athletes. Forbes came out swinging, and cracked Baker with a left hook early on. Baker stormed back and got in some heavy strikes of his own. After both fighters taste plenty of leather, Forbes swooped in and slammed Baker to the canvas, but he couldn't keep him down for very long. Baker reversed the position and started to land while Forbes showed a very offensive guard. Forbes, now gassed, started to eat too much punishment from the bottom, which forced referee Herb Dean to save Forbes at 4:15 of the first.

Scott McAfee vs. Marcus Hicks
Round 1
Marcus Hicks shot quickly and took McAfee down, and worked to pass his opponent's half-guard for approximately two minutes. McAfee scrambled and worked to his feet, where Hicks slapped on a tapout-inducing guillotine choke at 2:15 of the first. Impressive performance for Hicks.

Marcelo Brito (Pictures) vs. John Alessio (Pictures)
Round 1
Not much action in the opening stanza. Both fighters traded jabs throughout the first five minutes. Brito attempted to pull guard near the end of the round, but Alessio had none of it. Alessio got busy with a few low kicks at the end of the period. 10-9 for Alessio.

Round 2
The second is a mirror of the first, with little action in the cage. Brito tried to pull guard at about 30 seconds in, but it was unsuccessful. Alessio stood over him throwing weak kicks at his legs. Later in the period, Alessio scored a takedown, where he again stood up and kicked at Brito's legs. Awful fight thus far. 10-9 for Alessio.

Round 3
Same "fight," different round. Lots of posturing, lots of stalking but little action. Alessio shrugged off the boos to score a double-leg takedown with 15 seconds left. All three judges score the bout 30-27 for Alessio.

Jeff Bedard (Pictures) vs. Miguel Torres (Pictures)
Round 1
Torres pulled guard in the opening minute, where he went to work with his back to the cage. Bedard connects with short compact punches from his opponent's open guard. Torres locked on a quick triangle and forced a tapout. Perfect submission from Torres at 2:30 of the first.

Jeremiah Billington vs. Brian Stann (Pictures)
Round 1
Stann cracked Billington with a right hand and a few knees to the body. Stann then clinches with his opponent against the cage, where he teed off with left hands. A stunned Billington then pulled guard. Stann then stood over Billington, where he pounded away wit right hands until the referee stepped in to halt the contest at 3:07 of the opening frame. Stann looks like the real deal.

Chase Beebe (Pictures) vs. Rani Yahya (Pictures)
Round 1
Yahya rushed in and pulled guard. Chortly after he applied a kneebar that had Beebe grimacing. Beebe escaped to his feet but Yahya scored with a single-leg. Yahya, working from side control, looks for a plethora of submissions, but Beebe has an answer for each thus far. Beebe momentarily took the Brazilian's back, but Yahya was able to get back to guard. Yahya is all over Beebe from his back, looking for an armbar before settling on an omaplata for a sweep. The round ends with the champion caught in an arm triangle choke. 10-9 for Yahya.

Round 2
Beebe catches the Brazilian in a guillotine in the opening seconds, but Yahya escapes. The champion punished the challenger with right hands from half-guard. Beebe took Yahya's back and looked for a rear naked choke for several minutes before Yahya got back to guard. Round two is all Beebe, 10-9.

Round 3
Yahya pulled guard successfully early in the round, but Beebe passed guard and worked right hands from the top. Beebe, after moving to the Brazilian's back, looked for the rear-naked choke and landed some stiff left hands. The action slowed, but the champion continued to dominate from the challenger's back. 10-9 for Beebe.

Round 4
Beebe continued to dominate in the fourth. Yahya again pulled guard but Beebe moved straight to side-control, where he unloaded with right hands and elbows. Near the end of the round, Beebe wrapped up Yahya in a half-nelson, scoring with shots. 10-9 for Beebe.

Round 5
Right back to the ground in the final frame. Beebe went back in the challenger's guard, where he landed lefts and rights. The Brazilian is spent. Beebe turned it up and punished the fatigued fighter from guard and half-guard for the remainder of the contest. 10-9 for Beebe.

The judges agree, 49-46 (twice) and 49-45.

Rob McCullough (Pictures) vs. Richard Crunkilton (Pictures)
Round 1
Great action in a quick fight. Crunkilton stood in the pocket early and paid the price. Several vicious strikes found their target before a right hand ended the challenger's night. Crunkilton was dropped three times before the referee stepped in to save him at 1:29 of the first.
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