WEC 33 Live Play-by-Play

Sherdog.com reports from the Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas with live play-by-play of World Extreme Cagefighting 33, which is headlined by WEC 205-pound champion Doug Marshall (Pictures) versus challenger Brian Stann (Pictures).

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Live Results Here.

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Logan Clark (Pictures) vs. Scott Harper
Round 1
The early phase of the opening period saw lots of clinching in the center of the cage with little action, until Harper thumbed himself in the eye during a punching exchange. He took two minutes to recover and scored a quick takedown once the fight resumed. Harper moved from half-guard to mount, where he looked for a Kimura before being bucked off by Logan. Clark took the top position and pounded away with strikes until the referee stepped in to save Harper at 4:37 of the first.

Chris Manuel (Pictures) vs. Kenji Osawa (Pictures)
Round 1
In a first round full of missed strikes, clinches and absolutely zero clean action, Sherdog.com scores the first round 10-10. Manuel was the aggressor, coming forward with strikes, but Osawa used good footwork to get off more punches via combinations. Manuel went for a takedown at the midway point of round one, which was stuffed by Osawa. Nothing landed clean for either fighter in the first stanza.

Round 2
The second period was almost a carbon copy of the previous round, with lots of clinching and sloppy boxing along the fencing. Referee Steve Mazzagatti stepped in to separate the fighters several times during the five minute stage. Manuel went for two takedowns in the round, both of which were defended properly by Osawa. The Japanese fighter was able to piece together a few low kicks and elbow, which was enough to take the round on the Sherdog.com scorecard, 10-9.

Round 3
After 10 minutes of a lack luster sparing match, a fight broke out in the third frame. Manuel landed a hard kick to the face that bloodied up Osawa. Manuel followed with a takedown against the cage. After having Osawa's back, Manuel took the top position in half-guard. Manuel stayed busy with punches and elbows. Clear 10-9 round for Manuel. The judges saw the contest 29-28 (Osawa), 29-28 (Manuel) and 28-28 for a split draw.

Ryan Stonitsch vs. Alex Serdyukov (Pictures)
Round 1
The fighters banged early, with hard strikes being thrown. Stonitsch tripped over his own feet, sending him across the cage and to his back. Serdyukov pounced on the downed fighter with punches from the top, and took his opponent's back shortly after. Stonitsch evaded the rear naked choke, but rolled over directly into a fight-ending triangle-choke. Stonitsch tapped at 1:35 of the first.

Sergio Gomez (Pictures) vs. Richard Crunkilton (Pictures)
Round 1
Gomez caught Crunkilton in a guillotine choke as the UFC veteran shot in, but "Cleat" was able to escape and control the top. Gomez got to his feet, where he was hit with a nasty elbow that opened up a cut behind his ear. Blood poured from the wound for the duration of the round. Crunkilton then scored a single and worked for a D'Arce choke, but Gomez was game and worked out of danger. After getting to his feet, Gomez landed two right hands that stunned Crunkilton. "Cleat" recovered quickly and ended the round with a single-leg takedown. 10-9 Crunkilton.

Round 2
Crunkilton got a double-leg takedown to start the second frame. Elbows and punches from the top were the theme of the round, as "Cleat" controlled and dominated with strikes. From the bottom, Gomez went for an armbar that was defended successfully. Crunkilton countered with a kneebar, which nearly forced a tap but Gomez was able to free himself after a few tense moments. 10-9 Crunkilton.

Round 3
After two great rounds of action, the final period was a letdown in terms of entertainment. Crunkilton got a single-leg to start the round. He controlled from half-guard for three minutes, landing punches and elbows. After referee Herb Dean stepped in separate the fighters, "Cleat" landed a right low kick, left jab combo and tried to follow with a takedown. Gomez threw a knee to the head that landed, but Crunkilton was not hurt by the blow. 10-9 for Crunkilton. The official judges saw the bout 30-26, 30-27 and 29-28, all for Rich Crunkilton.

John Alessio (Pictures) vs. Brock Larson (Pictures)
Round 1
Larson shot immediately and was trapped in an Alessio guillotine attempt. Larson picked Alessio up and slammed his way out of the choke. From his back, Alessio went for a Kimura, but again Larson picked Alessio up and slammed free of the hold. Larson moved to mount, but was reversed quickly. Alessio got to his feet before Larson, where he landed a brutal -- and illegal -- knee to the face of the downed fighter. Larson was given time to recover but he could not continue. Alessio was disqualified at 1:50 of the first.

Hiromitsu Miura (Pictures) vs. Blas Avena (Pictures)
Round 1
Both fighters came out swinging at the opening bell. Miura landed a clean left hook that knocked Avena to the canvas. Avena survived and got to his feet,, where he was hit with two devastating right hands. The first knocked him out cold, and the second landed just as the referee stepped in to save him. Impressive KO from Miura at 2:35 of the opening period.

Steve Cantwell (Pictures) vs. Tim McKenzie (Pictures)
Round 1
McKenzie, a southpaw, started off with a right jab and a left kick to the legs. Cantwell ate another low kick before scoring a kick to the head. McKenzie pulled guard and elbowed the head from the bottom. Cantwell stood up and rocked McKenzie with another head kick and two hard knees. McKenzie folded to the canvas but seemed to recover. Cantwell pounced and advanced to the mount, where punches found their target. McKenzie gave up his back to avoid punishment and was quickly submitted with a rear-naked choke at the 2:13 mark.

Ed Ratcliff (Pictures) vs. Marcus Hicks
Round 1
Hicks cracked Ratcliff with a left hand that buckled his knees and sent him to the canvas. When Ratcliff stood, Hicks slapped on a deep standing guillotine, but Ratcliff escaped danger. Hicks blasted away with two left haymakers. Another guillotine followed, which forced Ratcliff to tapout at 1:42 of the first round.

Chael Sonnen (Pictures) vs. Bryan Baker (Pictures)
Round 1
Sonnen dropped levels and scored a double-leg takedown at the sound of the bell. From side-control, Sonnen kneed the body before moving to mount. Baker got his back off the cage and worked to his feet while defending a D'Arce choke. Baker escaped and was suplexed directly on his head. Sonnen, who landed in north-south position, fought off a reverse triangle choke before being moved to Baker's guard. Sonnen went to work with punches to the head and body, doing serious damage with a few powerful lefts and rights. Sherdog.com scores the round 10-9 for Sonnen.

Round 2
A quick takedown from Sonnen starts the second frame. With his back to the cage, Baker absorbed punches to the head from his open-guard. Baker worked to control his opponent's wrists, but could offer no offense while being pressed against the fencing. Sonnen teed off with punching flurries, but Baker hung tough. Left and right elbows cracked the face of Baker, which opened up a nasty cut above the left eye. Sonnen passed to side control and looked briefly for a Kimura before settling on elbows. Complete domination from Sonnen in round two. Almost a 10-8 round but Sherdog.com sees it 10-9 for Chael Sonnen.

Round 3
Sonnen found himself in side-control seconds into the final round on the heels of a quick single-leg. Sonnen punched the head while isolating an arm under his legs. A sharp elbow blasted Baker before Sonnen moved to north-south position. Baker, showing a ton of heart, went for a kneebar but ended up giving up his back. Sonnen allowed Baker to go back to guard, where he defended an armbar and elbowed the left side of the face. Two right hands and a hard right landed for Sonnen. From half-guard, Sonnen put a stamp on the clear win with a barrage of punches that bounced Baker's head off the canvas. 10-9 for Sonnen. The official judges see it 30-26 and 30-25 (twice) for Chael Sonnen.

Doug Marshall (Pictures) vs. Brian Stann (Pictures)
Round 1
Both fighters attacked the legs with low kicks. Stann used his reach advantage to punch from the outside. Following a brief clinch along the fencing, Marshall opened up with his hands and cracked Stann with a left hand. Stann covered up and answered back, landing a sharp right hand and a perfectly timed left hand that laid Marshall out. Stann pounced and punched until referee Herb Dean pulled him off. Stann claims the WEC light heavyweight title at 1:35 of the opening round.
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