Beebe vs Caraballo added to Saturday's loaded Rock N Rumble card

(PRESS RELEASE) -- 8/18/13 Cleveland, OH: Former WEC world champion Chase Beebe (24-10) has agreed to face current NAAFS Featherweight Champion Frank Caraballo (12-5) at next Saturdays NAAFS event in Cleveland. Beebe, a veteran of the WEC, DREAM and Bellator, will make his NAAFS debut on 8/24 at Rock N Rumble 7. Caraballo, has won 7 of his last 8 fights including 7 straight inside the NAAFS cage. Its no secret that Caraballo is knocking on the door of a long term deal with one of the major promotions and a win against Beebe could punch Caraballo’s ticket.

Caraballo posted a video message to his fans regarding this Saturdays huge fight with Beebe. CLICK HERE to play video

Updated Rock N Rumble 7 Fight Card:

Preliminary Amateur Bouts

135 lbs – Jason Alexander 1-0 (independent) vs Floyd Cisco 0-0 (Team DiSabato MMA)

155 lbs – Aaron McGraw 3-2 vs Nick Foxhuber 5-1 (Ronin Training Center)

150 lbs – Adken Torchia 1-0 (Independent) vs Tobiaus Taylor 2-0 (Rising Dragon)

145 lbs – Cheyne Jenkins 5-1 (Mad Dog Fight Team) vs Aaron Neighbors 7-4 (All Out Assault)

140 lbs –Zach Forrester 2-4 (OVMMA) vs Bhrandon Poindexter 6-9 (Evolve MMA)

185 lbs – Steve Stocker 2-0 (Triple Threat MMA) vs Hassan Crutcher 2-0 (Rising Dragon)

170 lbs – Eric Bledsoe 2-0 (Bullpen) vs Joe Callari 6-5 (GriffonRawl)

185 lbs –Rockey Clark 4-7 (Topp Dogg MMA) vs Scottie Weaver 6-3 (Ronin Training Center)

170 lbs – Zack Trout 2-0 (Triple Threat MMA)vs Anthony DiSantis 2-1(GriffonRawl)

185 lbs – Lillo General 1-0 (Black Dragon Warlords) vs Darion Peterson 0-0 (Strong Style Fight Team)

155 lbs – Nick Browne6-1 (Uniontown Fight Club) vs Corey Dulaney 5-0 (Team DiSabato MMA)

Featured Professional Bouts

170 lbs – Chris Tucker 5-2 (Reed Academy of MMA) vs Dave Vandevelde 6-2-1 (Wrestling Factory Cleveland)

145 lbs – Antonio Castillo Jr. 14-4 (Instigator Fight Team) vs Brett Ewing 12-3 (American Top Team) v 145 TITLE – Frank Caraballo 12-5 (Fearless Fight Team) vs Chase Beebe 24-10 (Gilbert Grappling)

185 TITLE – Travis Clark 13-1 (Evolve MMA) vs Elias Theodorou 7-0 (Team Empire/GrantsMMA)

205 TITLE – John Hawk 13-4-1 (Strong Style Fight Team) vs Josh Stansbury 14-4 (Team Impact)

*all bouts subject to change
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