Carter Williams Signs with PureCombat

Dec 29, 2008
(PRESS RELEASE) -- Carter Williams recently agreed to a multiple fight deal with PureCombat and this signing is PureCombat's biggest yet in its heavyweight division. Williams, a K-1 veteran with a record of 39-12 in Kickboxing and 10 wins and 7 losses in the K-1, won the 2003 K-1 Grand Prix Championship in Japan with a second round knockout over Bjorn Bregy. Carter has notable wins against Charlid "Die Faust, Nobu Hayashi, Big Daddy Gary Goodrich, Dewey Cooper, Michael McDonald and Rick Rofous in the K-1 as well as a kickboxing win over PureCombat veteran, Scott Lighty.

Carter brings an impressive resume and stunning knockout power to the cage and for those unfamiliar with Williams and his style of fighting he is a bully, constantly pushing forward to punish his opponents with kicks and punches. He currently holds an MMA record of 3-2 with 2 of his 3 wins by KO and Submission Strikes and at 6' 2" 268 pounds it's easy to see why they call Carter Williams "the Beast". He is supported by legs that could be used as clubs to beat a man and the loyal followers of PureCombat are eager to see the damage they do to his opponents in the cage.

Everyone has a past and Williams is no different but it is his past that gets us excited about his future. Carter is not only a Champion but he also has a 60% knock out rate that makes him very exciting to watch. Carter's future has PureCombat eager to work with him and to see him soon become an adjective to warn people about…as in "Don't make me Carter Williams yea ass."The only problem is who is going to be the first to get Williamsed.
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