Cro Cop to Minotauro: 'I will be looking forward to our rematch, but this time I will celebrate the victory'

May 6, 2015
(PRESS RELEASE) -- It is no coincidence that the legendary UFC and Pride champion Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira called out Croatia's Mirko Filipovic for the second time now. First time it happened when Cro Cop inked a new deal with the elite MMA promotion in January and now a couple of days ago again when he concluded Cro Cop and him would make a brilliant main event in Tokyo's Saitama.

"We will see, I'll keep going as long as my body can take it", said Big Nog. "I'm focused on my next challenge, but the Cro Cop fight is something I would really like to do. Here in Brazil or in Japan. I think it would sell really well, everyone would like to see it. In Japan it would be a great main event for the Saitama Super Arena".

The great fighter obviously focused again on his old acquaintance with whom he first fought back in 2003 at Pride Final Conflict. Back then Filipović did one of the best rounds in his career and completely dominated the Brazilian fighter in stand-up. The Big Nog tried to take the match to the ground, but without much success. Exactly at the end of the first round Cro Cop landed his famous left high kick and he could probably end the match with GNP, but Minotauro somehow survived and finished Filipović via armbar in the second round.

Twelve years later it seems that the rematch is likely to happen. Cro Cop is in his forties, Big Nog turned 38, but they are still top MMA fighters. Today the rematch would be a real treat for any fighting sports fan, especially after Cro Cop's impressive fight in Krakow where he demolished Gabriel Gonzaga. However, one must admit that the Brazilian fighter had many problems with difficult injuries and fought only once in 2012, 2013 and 2014 while in the meanwhile he had to undergo surgeries and difficult rehabilitations. Due to two defeats in a row (Werdum, Nelson) the match against Stefan Struve scheduled for August 1 could be essential for his career.

Cro Cop: Calling out somebody is not my style

“I wish Minotauro luck in his upcoming match in August when he is to fight Stefan Struve. I think it would be good for him to focus on that match now and later we can talk about our rematch“, said Cro Cop for Fight Site and added:

“It's just not like me to call out my opponents in the media and I'm not going to do it now either. Moreover, it's up to the UFC, they do the match-making and I believe they will do good job this time as they always do. Anyhow, if the rematch gets set to happen, I will be looking forward to it and this time I will be the one to celebrate the victory.“

We can only hope the FFC leaders think in the same direction…


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