Free Fight Assosiation Austria

May 4, 2007
The Ettl-Brothers, founders of the FFAA (Free Fight Assosiation Austria), organized the first MMA tournament in Austria in the year 1999. This successful and unique event was just the beginning.

Four other MMA events followed with a increasing number of spectators. Now, after 3 years, Ettl bros. are back with the AUSTRIAN CAGE FIGHT SERIES. Austrian fighters now get the chance to gain more experience in MMA. In addition to this the winner of the series gets full support regarding tournaments abroad.

On April 28th , 20 fighters entered the cage. Results follow:
1.) Harald Fischer VS Dritan Barjamay (Winner: Barjamay; TKO; 1:41)
2.) Sascha Weinpolter VS Samoth Schletterer (Winner: Weinpolter; TKO; 8:06)
3.) Gunnar Herms VS Wolfgang Stary (Winner: Herms; KO; 2:15)
4.) Stefan Crnko VS Thomas Krapf (Winner: Krapf; rear neck choke; 1:35)
5.) Attila Ucar VS Roman Butze (Winner: Ucar; armbar; 3:47)
6.) Nandor Guelmino VS Jan Kirschbaum (Winner: Guelmino; TKO; 0:33)
7.) David Marcina VS Asludin Hutschiev (Winner: Marcina; rear neck choke; 2:00)
8.) Martin Haag VS Dragomir Rakic (Winner: Haag; guillotine; 3:26)
9.) Thomas Fötsch VS Romulds Kargulis (Winner: Fötsch; rear neck choke; 1:14)
10.) Michael Ettl VS Sergey Masloboev (Winner: Ettl; armbar; 3:08) v
Quarter and semi final will follow on July 21st. Apart from that there will be 4 prestige fights too. Check it out on our website
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