Mairbek Taisumov Interview

Feb 23, 2010
(PRESS RELEASE) -- Mairbek Taisumov defeated Borys Mankowski by TKO in the second round at M-1 Selection 2010: Western Europe Round 1.

Did you expect to win your fight so quickly?
I always go train for 3 rounds. Between what comes, it comes.

For how long have you been training?
4 years ago I started with MMA and martial arts at all. Previously, I played football.

What is your fighting background?
Freestyle Wrestling.

What was your toughest opponent so far?
This was Vener Galiev. 4-time World Champion (various martial arts) at a time when I had no coach. When will be your next fight?
Typically 28 March Hell cage in Prague, but my manager said Michal Hamrsmid preparation for this fight due to M-1. So, I have to see when the second round of the M-1 selection takes place.

Do you have any specific fighter you want to fight?
Until now, there is still no one I would like to fight. I only would like to revenge my losses.

How often do you train and what are your goals in MMA?
I train about 5 to 7 times a week, but it's very hard hard to combine with my full time job.

What do you do besides training? (school?work?hobbies?)
I work, I like to hang out with friends and I like reading to relax.
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