On the Brink of redemption

Oct 6, 2009
(PRESS RELEASE) -- There have been many ups and downs during Aaron Brink's mixed martial arts career.

And it really has nothing to do with wins and losses. Brink has been a player in mixed martial arts for a long time now, posting a 21-18 career record. But his ups and downs extend farther than his record. Brink hasn't stepped into a cage for a fight since March 3, 2007. But that is all about to change at PureCombat's "Fearless" show on October 17 at the International Agri-Center in Tulare, Calif. "My last fight was in 2007," Brink said. "I want to get a chance to get back in there. And I didn't get any favors with this fight. They're throwing me to the wolves right away." Brink will fight Anthony Ruiz in a scheduled three round heavyweight bout.

"I know he's tough and I know he will try to wear me down," Brink said about Ruiz. "But I'm prepared to go the distance. I know what kind of fighter he is." Brink said he has been training three times a day and has worked his way down to 235 pounds from 274 pounds. He is hoping to be at 220 pounds by fight time. It wasn't long ago that training was probably the last thing on Brink's mind. He has had a history of drug abuse and also spent time in the adult film industry. Brink's addiction to methamphetamines became such a big problem that his family had to step in.

Brink's trials with drug abuse were documented on the A&E television series "Intervention."

There will be a film crew at PureCombat "Fearless" to film footage for a follow up on Brink's status. The show will either air on A&E in the future, or it will air on A&E's website. "It was a crazy experience," Brink said about having his personal life filmed for the show. "I thought they were doing a documentary on me because I was an interesting story. I thought they were interested in me because I was a fighter and because of my lifestyle. I was surprised when they pulled that [stuff]." Brink said he hasn't been on any kinds of methamphetamines since December of 2008.

"In the past, I always took fights when I was on drugs and doing porn," Brink said. "But I'm taking this very seriously. I want to fight for as long as I can get licensed and as long as I can put on a good show for the fans." Brink said he's wanted to fight for a while now, but PureCombat President Al Joslin was the only one that would take a chance and sign him to a fight. "I completely destroyed my reputation," Brink said. "Nobody wanted to put me in a show, but Al decided to take a chance on me." Joslin, who has known Brink for a long time now, said he thinks “everybody deserves a second chance.”

"PureCombat understands that we're all human beings," Joslin said. "We all have things that drag us one way or another. From what I know, Aaron was a Christian and a good-hearted human. I understand who the old Aaron Brink is. I know the man behind the disease. We all fall sometimes and if you reach out, sometimes it makes it easier to get that person back on track." Joslin wanted to give Brink a chance to fight again, but he sure didn't do him any favors by putting him up against a very tough opponent in his comeback fight. Ruiz is coming off a victory against Gan McGee at PureCombat's July show in Visalia, Calif.

"PureCombat is dedicated to the sport," Joslin said. "As the matchmaker, I don't like to give anybody an easy fight. Fighters need to be challenged, and to put a chump in front of Aaron would be a disservice to him." Brink's comeback fight is just of the many interesting storylines at PureCombat "Fearless."

The card is loaded with several top fighters including, former World Extreme Cagefighing light heavyweight champion Doug Marshall, and the semifinals of PureCombat's 155-pound tournament which will crown the organization's first champion at the weight class. PureCombat has a message for its fans: Keep your date books open for this event.......October 17, 2009 at the International Agri-Center in Tulare right off State Hwy 99 at Paige Street......As always this PureCombat event steps up and does a little better than the last one ...... Don’t forget about the weigh ins.......the event before the event.....The location is The Sport Zone in Visalia at 3125 W. Noble Visalia Corner of Country Center and Noble..... PureCombat FEARLESS ........... For tickets go to www.purecombatmma.com......$104 1st & 2nd rows, $84 rows 3 & 4, $59 rows 5 -10 and $39 for General Admission. For any inquires into sponsorships or advertising please contact us at [email protected] Stay tuned for more stories leading up to PureCombat "Fearless" on October 17 at the International Agri-Center in Tulare.
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