and K-OZ Entertainment Announce Agreement to Promote & Stream Live MMA Fights

Jul 8, 2013
(PRESS RELEASE) – Perth, Australia, July 8, 2013 – K-OZ Entertainment, Australia’s leading Mixed Martial Arts Organization, brings another entertaining night of nonstop championship fights back to Perth. Bragging Rights 6, will deliver six World Title Fights; three professional title bouts and three amateur title bouts all happening on July 27th at 6:00PM at Kingsway Indoor Stadium – Madeley, WA 6065.

Fans from across the world will have free access to Bragging Rights 6 Championship fights live and on demand on the number one site for MMA in the world; Bragging Rights 6 advertising begins July 18th on The Bragging Rights 6 advertisements will appear throughout Sherdog All Access. A fight countdown clock, homepage takeover, Sherdog Radio Network, and Video on Demand are all included in the agreement.

Marketing & PR Manager Steven Arredondo said: “We are extremely excited about the agreement with UFC quality style fights available for the world to enjoy for free! This promotes the fighters and sponsors nationally and internationally. K-OZ fighters and sponsors now have an excellent platform to showcase their talent, product, or and service to the world”.

In a little over 12 months, K-OZ has reached new heights by successfully delivering 5 world-class MMA events. The organization has grown to become Australia’s premier mixed martial arts promotion, breaking Australian attendance records for MMA events, apart only from the UFC. K-OZ Entertainment built its business model with a focus on matching up U.S. and Australia’s top MMA fighters. The organization prides itself on its selection of high quality domestic & international fighters. Some of the current and former fighters include The Ultimate Fighter contestants Jesse Taylor, Kendall Grove, and Xavier Lucas. Title Holders include Heavy Weight Champion Soa Palelei, Light Heavyweight Champion Sam Brown, Middle Weight Champion Jessy Taylor, Welterweight Champion David Hulett, and Light Weight Champion Joel Oliver.

With more to follow, the confirmed July 27th fight card features Sam Brown vs. Joe Muir, Manny Rodriguez vs. Alex Volkanovski, Craig Martin vs. Dom Harrison-Campbell, Will Chope vs. Shantaram Maharaj, Mitch O'Dowd vs. Luke Armstrong, Nate Jones vs. Dan Jones, David Jenkins vs. Junior Makai Wayans, Luke Hammond vs. Dean Abramo, Dan Jones vs. Sean Bow, and Scott Noras vs. James Christopaulo.

K-OZ founder and managing director Grady Stewart brings world-class MMA athletes to the city of Perth and its many MMA fans. Up and coming MMA athletes of tomorrow now watch, learn, and compete with some of the biggest names in the sport. K-OZ is here to do what no other MMA promotion company has done before - to bring the best MMA has to offer to the West Coast. Grady stated: “This fight card is going to be the fight of fights, six Title Fights”.

On February 12, 2013, Boxing Cruiserweight Champion Danny Green, along with UFC Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz supported and announced Bragging Rights 4 on Australian national television commercials. This time around, UFC Light Heavyweight top contender Rashad Evans will be brought in as the legendary guest for Bragging Rights 6 on July 27th.

K-OZ Entertainment would like to thank it’s sponsors:, The Paddo, Verve Chiropractic, Fadez Barbershop, Lost City Tattoo, Prodigy Pools & Spas, The Arena MMA, Bust-A-Move Party Bus, DogBoxer, Caged Inc, FightMag, Expert Online Dating, Total Martial Arts Centre, Muscle Mass Therapy, Fight Labs, War, Jaco,

ABOUT K-OZ K-OZ Entertainment is a fight promotion company with a passion to entertain fans in the multi-dimensional world of competitive fighting. With access to elite, high profile athletes, we capture the essence of rivalry in its most raw form. With over 20 years of global and multi-industry experience, K-OZ Entertainment and the Bragging Rights MMA fight series give fans what they desire - a show which encapsulates the entire competitive fighting arena in a show-stopping event!

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