The 3rd of May will see The Troxy Arena throw open its doors, once again to host UCMMA 39 !!

Apr 11, 2014
(PRESS RELEASE) -- The card is absolutely bursting at the seams with a really exciting mix of personalities and unique characters! Some you will recognize from recent events, some you will remember from previous shows and as these fighters that come from all walks of life, get ready to step up( even taking into account all the diversity)......something unites them all and is blatantly obvious to me.... ....They are definitely the most exciting fighters and they are definitely on the BEST show !!!!!!

Marian Rusu steps up to face the hard hitting Ben Schneider who we all know loves to KO whoever is put in his path... Schneider said ''I’ve been boxing for years ,and knocking men out is what i do, so come May 3rd there are going to be a lot of unhappy Romanian fans in the house!'' Ben insists that Marian will be needing urgent medical assistance, and in response Marian promises that if his fans cheer loud enough he will not let them down and will put Ben to sleep within minutes!....Both are great crowd pleasers and this fight will be no exception!

One more heavyweight fight to look forward to is Marvin Campbell vs Catalin Zmarandescu, another Romanian (who is a pretty big TV star back home) who says ''I've come up to heavy weight for this fight, so no more diets because i feel great and I am ready to unleash the beast !"

Just reading through this fight card is a major buzz on it's own ! I can't type as quick as i read, and the excitement is getting the better of me !

For starters you've got Makunga Vs Jones.......(Say no more its gonna be a war !!) You've also got Tony Giles who has been reading things his opponent, the playboy, Tom Richards has been posting on Facebook and Twitter and is unimpressed to say the least.... Then there’s Radcliffe , Beaumont and Kayani and also a couple of MMA title fights on the card as well!

Luiz Tosta is fighting Carl Oriss for the bantam weight title.... Luiz is hoping to end the fight as quick as he can with a sub but Oriss has other plans, he said ''I want to take him to 2nd or 3rd round where i can work my all round game on him.''

The terror squad will have that belt on the shelf straight after the fight he reckons !! Defending the light weight belt is Charlie Leary and he has come up against world class wrestler Maksym Mateus who at the moment is on fire !!

The main event is of course...... Alex Reid Vs Luke Sines ......!! We all know Reid is tough as old boots, given that he's been in with the best at Cage Rage and has also stood toe to toe in at least another 50 fights as well !! However Luke Sines is confident that this fight will be the one that puts Reid into retirement.....He has also been in with the best of the best and wants to prove once and for all that HE is The No1 the K1 The belt is on the line for this fight ..... so all I can say is ....may the best warrior win!!

Februarys UCMMA 38 was a cracker, a top drawer, quality night ..... If you were there, you would know just HOW much of a cracker it was .....If you wasn't .....then you'd be a fool to miss out on UCMMA 39 which is going to TOP THE LOT !!!!

There are very few tickets left so don’t miss out

Louise Holloway

This is a show not to miss for more details


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