Top 10 Questions for MFC 25

Apr 26, 2010
(PRESS RELEASE) -- With the incredible MFC 25 card fast-approaching, it’s time once again for the Z-Files to take an in-depth look at each fight with the usual Top 10 Questions.

This is without a doubt the most-talent laden lineup ever for an MFC fight card and there’s high expectations on the roster coming off the unbelievable action at MFC 24 so hopefully these fighters will take a peek at the last show, get fired up, and deliver in just same style of action that the Maximum Fighting Championship wants for its awesome loyal crowd.

1. Whose fist connects first? There should be plenty of fireworks on this entire card but as many insiders are predicting it’s the David Heath-Solomon Hutcherson showdown that could very well provide the most sparks. Heath and Hutcherson are both brawlers who prefer to settle the issue standing or at least in ground-and-pound fashion. Most likely this one comes down to lands the perfect shot on the button the fastest. Critical point - how does Heath’s body, especially stamina and strength, adapt to the new middleweight class?

2. Can “Forrest” run through the “Samurai”? The head-down, come-forward approach is how Gavin “Forrest (Gump)” Neil gets it done. Forget lateral movement and stepping back. Neil is the kind of guy who comes to fight, putting himself at risk for the greater good which makes him a huge fan favorite. Richie “The Dirty Samurai” Hightower isn’t likely to wait for Neil to make his move. If he comes straight at Neil, it will be interesting to see if Neil finds a different route or sticks with his chin-out, fists up game plan.

3. Is Allen a welterweight rising star? Keto Allen was a physical force when he made his MFC debut. But as a newly re-classed welterweight, Allen should be an absolute beast at 170. Now if Allen can be an imposing presence and match that with the skill he could become a real threat in the MFC ranks. Aaron Berke gets the test to see if Allen is a wrecking ball or not.

4. Who wants the rematch more? Chad Freeman and Mike Froese will go toe-to-toe for a second time - Freeman taking their original clash almost two years ago. Froese enters the MFC as a hugely popular local favorite but it’s a much bigger stage for him this time and how he adapts to that on top of the pressure to perform in front of his fans plus the heat on him for revenge, well, that’s a lot to handle. This should be a very entertaining undercard encounter.

5. What is the “Tank’s” secret? Luigi “The Italian Tank” Fioravanti didn’t reveal much about his game plan in a recent interview but he did say he had a “secret” for “The Secret Weapon” Pete Spratt. Does that mean Fioravanti is willing to square-off and go strike-for-strike with Spratt? Fioravanti does have very strong striking skills but Spratt’s hands, and moreso his feet, are deadly. Spratt’s best defense is to keep it standing so it remains to be seen whether Fioravanti’s Italian bravado makes it a stand-up affair or is the secret nothing more than smoke screen for a submission assault.

6. Can the “Vanilla Gorilla” go ape on Gormley? It’s a big step up for Ryan “The Vanilla Gorilla” Fortin has he faces Chase Gormley, who should have a strength advantage over his younger foe. Gormley has a vast edge in experience and is back under the instruction of Antonio McKee which is a huge level above Fortin’s usual training surroundings. But Fortin should have an edge in the stand-up - if he can keep Gormley from closing the distance, he could find his range to land some big bombs.

7. Is “The Hardcore Kid” back? Trainer and MFC lightweight champ Antonio McKee swears his athletic and talented protégé Emanuel “The Hardcore Kid” Newton is back to the form that once made him the MFC light heavyweight champ. It won’t take long to find out if that’s true or not as Newton takes on Dwayne Lewis, who is on a terrific tear and eyeing a title shot of his own. Newton won’t have a choice but be at his best as Lewis is a punisher and isn’t about to hold back. Newton’s best hope is to take Lewis into deep waters and see how he treads as Lewis will be out to end it early with one of his potent punches.

8. Can you bank on “JT Money”? Jesse “JT Money” Taylor is by far the underdog with few insiders giving him much of a chance against skilled Brazilian Thales Leites. But the former reality show standout does have a few believers who figure his wrestling game and aggression could cause huge problems for Leites, who has the obvious edge in the field of submissions. Taylor might be well-advised to keep the fight on the feet and test Leites to see if his improving stand-up game is at title-contender level.

9. Can Jimmo finally bring the heat? Ryan “The Big Deal” Jimmo has all the tools and an affable personality that makes him championship material. Unfortunately, though, Jimmo has failed to capitalize on numerous opportunities to cement himself in the title picture because he hasn’t been a big finisher despite a 12-fight winning streak. Doubt he’ll have the chance to grind out another win against Wilson Gouveia, who at light heavyweight, shouldn’t run out of gas like he did due to the 185-pound weight cut. Gouveia comes out guns blazing so we’ll see if Jimmo has a loaded pistol in his holster.

10. Who will the breakout performer be? At MFC 24, Jesse Juarez propelled himself into the welterweight title picture with an 11-second knockout, and middleweight Tom Watson made a massive statement with a head-kick highlight reel topper. Those two fighters, alongside Yves Edwards, stole the spotlight at the last show, which now leaves the door open at MFC 25 for the next fighter to make the step up.
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