MMA Roots: Four Americans That Chose the Road Less Traveled

May 28, 2020

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Covering vale tudo and mixed martial arts in Brazil since early 90s, Sherdog Brazilian correspondent Marcelo Alonso on Thursday launched a new storytelling series titled “MMA Roots,” in which the photojournalist will recall historic moments of yesteryear.

In the first edition Alonso uses his pictures to recall the Brazilian debut of four American legends that would became Ultimate Fighting Championship champions (tournament era/divisional) or Hall of Famers: Kevin Randleman, Mark Kerr, Dan Henderson and Chuck Liddell.

“What always impressed me the most about these four were their capacity of leaving the comfort zone to make their debut in a totally hostile atmosphere and fighting in the worst rules in the world,” said Alonso. “Fighting in the USA, they could easily wait for a chance in UFC or Pride Fighting Championships. But they decided to choose the most difficult path and, somehow, that choice helped to build their champion mentality that the world would recognize later.”


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