Adriano Moraes: Beating a Legend to Become a Legend

Jun 26, 2020

Once One Championship begins promoting events in a post-coronavirus world, one of its most highly anticipated bouts will pit current flyweight titleholder Adriano Moraes against grand prix winner Demetrious Johnson. Moraes, a three-time flyweight champion and the first in the Singapore-based company’s history, understands the monumental task in front of him in the form of the record-setting former Ultimate Fighting Championship titlist. However, the Brazilian also recognizes the unique opportunities that come with facing an MMA legend.

“I just focus on what I am going to do. I am never thinking, ‘What is he going to [plan] for me,’” Moraes told “But one thing is real. He cannot do to me what he did on other opponents because I’m different. I’m focused to be a new legend, and I’m really focused on beating a legend.”

In this exclusive interview with Sherdog, Moraes discussed utilizing the size advantages he has against Johnson, touched on defending One Championship’s honor and reputation when he confronts “Mighty Mouse” and addressed recent reports of the organization’s financial problems.


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