Alain Ngalani Running From Father Time

May 23, 2020

A couple of months shy of his 45th birthday, One Championship heavyweight Alain Ngalani does not see a finish line to his fighting career. Without a doubt, competition still motivates him as he enters a third decade as a professional combat sports athlete. However, as much as he enjoys competing at a high level, he appreciates that now he also represents more than just an athlete trying to defy father time. For some, he is also an inspiration.

“If one thing excites me, and motivates me to keep going, it’s [inspiring]. To inspire people and show them that there’s no need to say that age is just a number. Age is a number,” Ngalani told Sherdog. “I’m very happy to be proving that. I’m happy to be mixing it up with people that are in their 20s. Giving them a hard time and knocking people out at my age. Doing the training that I’m doing and being dedicated and motivated in the gym. Putting in the work. I’m very happy to do that, and to show them that’s it’s just how you feel. If you feel good, carry on. Forget your age; it’s just how you feel. Some people will stop [competing] at 25. Some people at 30, because they are already completely broken [and] can’t handle it anymore.”

In this exclusive conversation with Sherdog, the former muay Thai and kickboxing world champion spoke about the possibility of a clash with One Championship newcomer Vitor Belfort this year. He also talked about being one of several combat athletes that have helped Africa gain further recognition for its fighting prowess. Plus, he spoke on maintaining his herculean physique, and much more.


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