Exclusive: Catching Up With the ‘Pitbull’ Brothers

Sep 17, 2020

Sherdog Brazilian correspondent Marcelo Alonso talked exclusively with the “Pitbull” brothers Patricio and Patricky Freire in a wide-ranging interview.

They analyzed their future in Bellator MMA and shared their opinions on upcoming Ultimate Fighting Championship title fights.

Coming off five consecutive wins, Patricky is getting close to a lightweight title shot. Owner of both lightweight and featherweight Bellator belt Patricio made it clear that, depending of Bellator’s decision, He will vacate the title to allow his brother to face Michael Chandler (who signed with the UFC today) again.

“I already beat his ass and of course I’ll help Patricky to do the same,” said Patricio, who also talked about the challenge he did issued to Dana White last week.

“Dana knows Volkanovski is not at my level. He wouldn't have the balls to make that cross fight happen.”

Patricio and Patricky also explained the importance of Eric Albarracin in their wrestling development and also how they've built a unique MMA style, joining wrestling with karate.


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