Iuri Lapicus Wants Rematch with Eddie Alvarez

May 25, 2021

The Team Petrosyan representative isn’t satisfied with the outcome of his clash with “The Underground King” and is looking for a rematch.

The latest walkout of Iuri Lapicus (15-1) didn’t go as planned. The 25-year old Moldovan (fighting out of Italy) was scheduled to clash with former Ultimate Fighting Championship and Bellator MMA lightweight titleholder Eddie Alvarez at One on TNT 1 on April 7. Shortly after the clash started, “The Underground King” took Lapicus down and landed a few strikes that were initially ruled to be behind the head. The referee verbally warned Alvarez to watch his shots. Since Alvarez kept striking in what appeared to be a spot behind Lapicus’ head, the referee disqualified the Philadelphian. The decision was panned on social media by many fans who saw those shots hitting the side, and not the back of Lapicus’ head.

“Well, the video is very clear,” the fighter said while talking with Sherdog. “From the video, as I did, you can see where those shots landed. There is no doubt where they were.”

Lapicus left the cage on a stretcher and was immediately brought to the hospital for further treatment.

“They were heavy shots, so, after fighting in the circle, they took me immediately to the hospital where I stayed a couple of days and where they controlled everything. Of course, I was confused and feeling [sick] at the end of [the fight]. Now, after recovering, I’m absolutely fine.”

The Moldovan is now looking for a rematch with Alvarez. According to Lapicus, they have to settle things once and for all.

“Absolutely, no problem,” the 25-year old fighter said when asked if he’s open with a rematch with Alvarez. “As soon as it will be possible, from my side, it’s done. It’s already done.”

One Championship “Full Blast” airs Friday in more than 150 countries on televisions, tablets, computers and mobile devices at 8:30 a.m. ET.

Tudor Leonte started writing about mixed martial arts in 2013 for Italian media outlets. His journey with Sherdog begun in 2018 and now he covers One Championship and countless European shows. You can follow him on Twitter @Tudor_leo.

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