Jeff Chan Wants to Prove He is the ‘Genuine’ Article

Feb 27, 2020

Jeff Chan has built a large martial arts following off of his popular MMAShredded YouTube Channel. He believes his tutorial videos stand out because of his attempt to educate with a genuine, multi-dimensional approach. The channel’s reputation is a key factor in why the muay Thai specialist has ended his 15-month mixed martial arts hiatus and will make his debut in One Championship at its “King of the Jungle” event on Friday in Singapore. In his mind, a return to prizefighting represents the ultimate proving ground for the techniques that have turned him into a YouTube sensation.

“One Championship reached out to me and offered me a contract. I really took the time to think about it, because it would mean I would have to not focus too much on [personal projects] and concentrate on training [for a fight]. But at the end of the day, I decided it would be good for the business [and] it would be good for the brand, because what makes me different from other YouTubers is that when I make my tutorials, I just don’t teach it in slow motion. I teach it first in real-time, as fast as I can. Then I back it up with sparring footage. I back it up with me landing it, and I back it up with me getting kicked in the face while trying. I try to make it as genuine as possible. Signing a contract with One Championship is my way of being genuine, and showing my viewers that what I teach actually works and it can work for you.”

During this exclusive discussion, the Canadian talked about his martial arts background and what originally brought him to MMA in 2012, why he prefers training as a martial artist to training for a prizefight, if he has any concerns about traveling to Asia after the recent coronavirus outbreak and his thoughts on competing in an empty 12,000-seat arena on fight night. Also, he gave his views on working with well-respected MMA coach Firas Zahabi and some tips for other aspiring YouTubers.

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