The Challenging Rewards of Major Change

Jan 10, 2020

Miesha Tate’s 2019 was a challenging year of transition. Her current position as Vice President for One Championship forced her to uproot her family and move across the world to Singapore. Yet, despite the difficulties, the former Ultimate Fighting Championship women’s bantamweight titleholder enjoys her various roles with the company, and she is thrilled to be a part of its continuing success.

In a recent Instagram post, the former Strikeforce champion stated, “Not every year has been as good as this year, and not every year has been as hard either! I'm not bitter about 2019, rather grateful actually.” The 33-year-old gave Sherdog an explanation of her New Year’s Day post and the importance of the life-changing decision to join One Championship’s management team in November 2018.

“The great part was I got to start a new job. Something I’m really passionate about doing, [and] I get to work with athletes and fighters on a regular basis. I love that. Also, seeing my daughter change. She’s 19 months [old] now and she’s going through such a fun stage. In 2019 her evolution was just so much fun to be a part of. [Also,] finding out I’m pregnant too with a baby boy. But, I think what was hard about it was picking up and moving my family before my daughter’s first birthday. She was nine months old. We celebrated her first birthday away from family and friends. I started a new job, traveling, the adjusting, the cultural difference, everything. I’ve never been so far away. I’m just on such a different time-zone difference. Even the access I have to family and friends is just so limited. That has been really challenging.”

In this exclusive discussion with Sherdog, Tate spoke about the evolution of her role with One Championship, being a part of its growth in 2019, her hopes to have a key role in the organization’s expansion into North America and what it will take to make that a success. Additionally, she weighed in on the state of women’s MMA and talked about its transition from when she first started to now. She even offered her thoughts on a possible 2020 super fight between One Championship atomweight champion Angela Lee and two-sport titleholder Stamp Fairtex.


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