Tim Elliott: No Fear of Consequences

May 28, 2020

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The possibility of a third consecutive loss in the Ultimate Fighting Championship would be enough to strike fear in the heart of some competitors. Not Tim Elliott, a 26-fight veteran who has already been released by the UFC once before. If he were to suffer a third straight setback when he meets Brandon Royval at UFC on ESPN 9 this Saturday in Las Vegas, he could be in line to receive another pink slip. Whatever happens, Elliott sounds like a man who will remain content with what he has accomplished.

“I’m good with it either way. They’ve already fired me once before, so there’s nothing they can do to me that hasn’t been done,” Elliott told Sherdog.com. “I feel like if I go out and perform well, then I don’t think they will fire me, win or lose, but it’s one of those things with fighting. Our backs are always against the [wall]. You never know. They’ve cut guys after wins. Gerald Harris won a bonus [and] a fight, and they cut him. There’re so many more aspects to the UFC than just fighting. I’m here in Vegas. I know the people that work the shows. I know the commissioners. I know the referees. I know the janitors. I have good relationships with all these people, [people like] Forrest Griffin [and UFC President] Dana White. I have good relationships with all these people outside of fighting. If they fired me, I know it’s time [and] that I had it coming.”

In this exclusive interview, Elliott discusses his Jan. 18 loss to rising contender Askar Askarov and tells the story of his failing to realize the fight ended by decision. The 33-year-old former Titan Fighting Championship titleholder also provided his thoughts on competing during the COVID-19 pandemic and being the elder statesman of the current flyweight division.



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