Monday Quick Hits

By Jake Rossen Jan 18, 2010
• “They are going to build an arena for [the UFC.]” -- Dana White, speaking with’s Ariel Helwani about the financial partnership with Abu Dhabi players. Six months ago, White mocked Fedor Emelianenko’s management for wanting the UFC to build an arena in Russia. Apparently, how outrageous the request is depends on who’s doing the building.

• In an interview with the Star-Exponent, Dan Severn teased -- some might say threatened -- a rematch with Ken Shamrock: their 1996 UFC 9 bout was widely blamed for the subsequent drop-off in business for the promotion. Severn will turn 56 this year. I imagine this won’t be happening in Nevada.

• Adding to the swell idea that morality shouldn’t be regulated, Senator Joseph Griffo released a statement Sunday urging New York to fast-track mixed martial arts legislation. The state has not seen a legal event since a 1995 Buffalo, N.Y., card: most recently, Assemblyman Bob Reilly has appealed that the event would foster the wrong element. While all this is being sorted, feel free to escort your children through the drunken-lummox cloud of Giants Stadium. Getting vomited on builds character.
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