Red Ink: Varner/Henderson

By Jake Rossen Jan 9, 2010
Photo: Dave Mandel

The mugging can be a little much, but if you’re a fan of fighting, it’s impossible not to respect the performances of Benson Henderson. The 10-1 lightweight needed only a year to go from WEC rookie to interim world champion, outpointing Donald Cerrone while an ailing Jamie Varner seethed from the seats.

A year off due to injuries, Varner now has his chance to punctuate his talking by taking back the belt in its entirety. He’s the “on paper” favorite -- better wrestling, better striking -- but Henderson seems to delight in surprising people.

Wild Card: Varner’s time off. In addition to ring rust, any deficit in cardio conditioning will be exploited by Henderson.

Who Wins: Varner wins two early, Henderson wins three late: his pace will put demands on Varner’s de-conditioned body that he won’t be able to meet. Henderson by decision.
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