The Overnights: 'Ultimate Fighter 10,' Episode 10

By Jake Rossen Nov 19, 2009
With a proper training camp, time to prepare, and a healthy athletic base, the heavyweight division is still the sloppiest in mixed martial arts. Absent any of those things, it can produce a prizefight so bad that you will begin to believe in the theory of relative time and space.

In pursuit of a formal career in the UFC, Jon Madsen and Brendan Schaub put on this season’s latest display of plodding, monotone fighting, which Schaub mercifully ended by landing a straight right early in the second round. (To be fair, Madsen was out-numbered: Schaub teamed with the fence to stifle some takedowns, a bold new interpretation of the rules that prompted Rashad Evans to ask why he didn’t get a point deduction.) Schaub joins Roy Nelson in the semifinals. My pulse remains steady.

Though he didn’t participate in a fight, much of Wednesday’s episode focused on Matt Mitrione staring vacantly into space and trying to explain to coaches that he might have “brain swelling.” This condition does not normally allow for the kind of casual conversation Mitrione enjoyed. More often, it demands the attention of a neurosurgeon, a tranquilizer, and a quiet room in which to drill into your skull.

Mitrione’s peers were equally unconvinced. “He’s not brain damaged,” James McSweeney announced. Considering how this cast has performed so far, he’s probably right. That kind of trauma is out of their reach.
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