Varner Rehabs with Video Games

By Jake Rossen Jan 9, 2010
Prizefighting has no respect for hands: gnarled, fractured, broken, twisted. The human skull is hard -- liking punching a bowling ball -- and the bones of the hand were meant for delicate operation. They are victims of testosterone.

In addition to Urijah Faber returning from busted mitts, WEC 46 headliner Jamie Varner has dealt with a right fist so troubled that it helped keep him out of action for a year. He was quoted by as saying part of his rehab was playing video games.

"He [my doctor] told me to stay playing video games because that would strengthen everything up," Varner said during a media round-up.

Some fighters credit games with improving hand-eye coordination. I don’t see much peer-reviewed evidence on the subject, but I would hold off on trash-talking anyone during a Call of Duty session. Varner fights Benson Henderson in a WEC 46 bout Saturday that will be talked about plenty on Sunday.
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