Provodnikov vs. Matthysse Results: HBO Boxing Play-by-Play

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Terence Crawford vs. Thomas Dulorme

Round 1

Dulorme immediately begins to jab to the body as soon as the fight starts. Crawford is patient, yet to throw anything noteworthy while Dulorme continues to jab to the body and wing overhand rights. Dulorme continues to press wildly forward while Crawford defends well. Crawford sticks a rifle of a jab in his foe’s face, nullifying a left hook. Dulorme jabs to the body and then grazes the Nebraska fighter with a left hook. They slow down a little and trade jabs late in the round. Dulorme has backed off quite a bit as the round closes. Close round. 10-9 Dulorme.

Round 2

Dulorme again opens the round with a series of jabs to the head and body. Dulorme is very compact with punches early. He is more willing to trade while Crawford patient waits for an opening. Dulorme continues to throw plenty of shots but Crawford is blocking virtually every one of them. Crawford lands a decent left hook on the inside with a minute left. Neither man has landed anything worthwhile in the round but the Puerto Rican’s much higher punch output wins him the frame. 10-9 Dulorme.

Round 3

Crawford opens up a little more with his jab, but again, Dulorme is much more active. Dulorme lands a loopy overhand right that looks terrific but Crawford rolls with it, barely getting touched in the process. Terence tags him with a nice straight right over the jab. Crawford is starting to get into a rhythm with his jab, snapping it out there several times late in the round. Hard left hook to the ribs from the American with 35 seconds left, his best punch thus far. Left/right by Crawford near the bell signals that he has seized control of the fight. 10-9 Crawford.

Round 4

Double jab, right to the body from Dulorme immediately into the round but Crawford is unfazed. They jab at each other and look to counter in what is unraveling as a fast-paced chess match. Dulorme pops him with a slick double jab but misses with the follow-up right. Crawford jabs over the right hand nicely, but Dulorme cracks him with two counter jabs. Crawford ducks under a jab and rakes his gut with a right uppercut. They open up late in the round but nothing lands cleanly from either man. Very close round; could have gone either way. 10-9 Dulorme.

Round 5

Dulorme rushes out again and throws several jabs but they all fall short. Crawford has gone back into a defensive shell, looking to counter. Dulorme, meanwhile, continues to throw wild left jabs and the occasional right to the body. Nice overhand right by the Puerto Rican midway through the frame. Crawford isn’t letting his go enough whatsoever, allowing Dulorme to slowly wrest control back into his court. Crawford seems a little gun shy at the bell. 10-9 Dulorme.

Round 6

Dulorme opens with a series of jabs but Crawford nails him with a perfect staright right, buckling his knees. Dulorme staggers into the ropes and a short flurry has him down. He is in terrible condition and is able to climb to his feet. When the fight continues, Crawford is all over him. Dulorme is trying to cover up and fight back, but another right cross floors him. He’s up and in serious peril. Crawford tracks him down, patiently looking for his spot to attack. Dulorme backs into the ropes where Crawford unloads a hellish assault to the head and body. Finally, a double shot to the guts drops Dulorme and referee Rafael Ramos intelligently waives it off.

The Official Result

Terence Crawford def. Thomas Dulorme (TKO) 1:51, R6.

Crawford captures the vacant WBO super lightweight title with the win.

Lucas Matthysse vs. Ruslan Provodnikov

Round 1

Matthysse comes right out with a sinister right/left to the body. Provodnikov Bobs and then jabs twice. Matthysse answers with a jab and then misses a hard right hand. Provodnikov is pressuring him, winging shots to the body and head. Matthysse is more relaxed as he jabs and moves. Matthsee is not as aggressive as the Russian, but when he throws, his punches are killers. Nice left hook by the Argentinean with 40 seconds left. Matthysse jabs and then goes with the hook again. Counter right hand by Matthysee under the right by Provodnikov at the bell. 10-9 Matthysee.

Round 2

There is already some swelling on Provodnikov’s left cheek. One-two by Matthysse opens a cut above the left eye of Provodnikov very early. Ruslan wings a ferocious left hook but misses. Matthysse is really opening up now, nailing him to the face with everything. Hard right uppercut/right cross snaps Provodnikov’s head back. Provodnikov digs two thunderous hooks to the body. Another. Matthysee answers with a hard right uppercut on the inside. Provodnikov walks through every bombs from Matthysse so far but he’s cut badly. Matthysse lands a stinging right but is countered by a left hook that’s clean. Provodnikov goes with a flurry and then a huge left hook near the bell that finally backs Matthysee away. Great action already in the fight but the cut on Provodnikov is nasty; right on the eyelid. 10-9 Matthysee.

Round 3

Replays show that the gruesome gash on Provodnikov’s left eyelid came from an accidental clash of heads. They trade bombs immediately into the frame. Provodnikov delivers a nice left hook but Lucas walks through it and pops him with the right. Provodnikov again with the left hook. Matthysee backs up and cracks him a short right hand and then a jab. Nice left/right by Matthysee as Provodnikov walks right in, trying to get inside. Provodnikov stalks the Argentinean down, trying to pin him onto the ropes. Provodnikov lands a thudding right to the body. Matthysse sticks him with a hard right hand but the Russian doesn’t even blink. They swing for the fences at the bell, both gunning for the knockout. Terrific action late 10-9 Provodnikov.

Round 4

Matthysse opens the round with a series of jabs and then follow-up shots to the head and body. Provodnikov shrugs it off and answers with a powerful left hook. Provodnikov won’t stop coming forward and he’s mixing in shots to the head and body. Matthysse is mainly gunning for the head and he’s landing some bombs. Provodnikov comes right after his foe and just misses a monstrous left hook. Matthysse makes him pay with a sizzling right hand. Lucas unfurls a hellish right uppercut but Provodnikov is unfazed and digs nasty shots to the head and body. Hard left to the body/right to the face by the Russian. Matthysse comes back with a nasty right hand at the bell. 10-9 Provodnikov.

Round 5

Double jab from Matthysse opens the frame but Provodnikov nails him with a left hook. Matthysse backs up as Provodnikov continues to swarm him. Matthysse mixes in two huge right hands with three jabs but Provodnikov doesn’t even flinch. The Russian plugs away with vicious shots to the body and then a massive left to the head. Nice counter left hook from Lucas after Provodnikov misses a right. Huge overhand right by Matthysse but Provodnikov counters with a left. Matthysse is trying to create some space to jab but Provodnikov won’t let him breathe. They exchange blows in the center of the ring but Matthysse tags him with a nice right just before the bell. 10-9 Matthysse.

Round 6

Matthysse nails him with a pair of jabs but misses with the right hand bomb. Provodnikov continues to come inside but Matthysse is circling back and away, maintaining his jab. Left hook by Lucas as Provodnikov comes in, but Ruslan is able to press him into the ropes. Matthysse immediately snaps his head back with a right cross as he exits. Massive left/right by Matthysse and Provodnikov clinches for a second. Left hoom to the head and then one to the body for Matthysse. Matthysse delivers a huge straight right hand and it stuns Provodnikov, who stops throwing. Another big right hand from Matthysse and suddenly Provodnikov isn’t as aggressive. With 25 second left, Provodnikov unfurls a whopping left hook, hut Lucas doesn’t budge. Nice right by Matthysse just before the bell. Matthysse’s biggest round yet. 10-9 Matthysse.

Round 7

Provodnikov’s corner is asking him why they should him continue in between rounds. Matthysse comes right out with the jab and then digs a crushing left hook to the liver. Provodnikov is pressing forward but he’s not throwing anywhere near as many shots as he was. Matthysse is keeping a safe distance now, and jabbing Provodnikov when he comes in. Provodnikov cracks him with a right/left/right but they aren’t powerful. Matthysse fakes a left and then nails him with an overhand right. Provodnikov’s left eye is starting to swell almost shut with a minute left. Provodnikov misses with a murderous left hook but he’s not countered. Provodnikov tags him with a right but he eats a right in return just before the bell. 10-9 Matthysse.

Round 8

Matthysse jabs well early and then tags his foe with a right. Provodnikov is taking a more measured approach early as he’s not as reckless coming in. Matthysse eats a right hand but he counters with one of his own. Matthysse is boxing well midway through the round, disallowing the Russian to get inside and do some damage. Beautiful left/right by Lucas with 70 seconds left but Provodnikov is unharmed. Quadruple jab by the Argentinean keeps Provodnikov at bay but eventually he gets past the jab and pins Matthysee into the corner. Provodnikov lands a good right but Matthysse exits out the side door just as the round ends. Very close round. 10-9 Matthysee.

Round 9

Matthysse lands a short right hand but Provodnikov hits him with a left hook as the round begins. Provodnikov is more aggressive early, trying to force his foe into a brawl. Matthysse is smartly keeping his distance with the jab, but he’s tagged by a left hook. Matthysse continues to jab away, but the Russian gets inside with a short left hook. Matthysse is almost exclusively using the jab and with a minute left, he’s in complete control of the round. Provodnikov flurries to the head but every punch is blocked. They exchange blows in the center of the ring where Provodnikov nails him with a nice three-punch combo. Matthysse answers but Provodnikov again lands two shots just at the bell. 10-9 Matthysse.

Round 10

Matthysse comes out aggressively and tags his foe with a three-punch combo to the face. Provodnikov answers with two upstairs but misses with a huge left hook. Lucas is looking to jab but Provodnikov is all over him, trying to go to war. Provodnikov opens up with a sizzling right to the head but Matthysse avoids it. Hard left hook to the body by the Argentinean midway through the frame. Provodnikov is pressing forward still, but he can’t get his shots to find a home. Triple jab by Matthysse is clean but Provodnikov blasts him with a huge left hook. Matthysse takes it well but he has to swallow a lethal right hand at the bell. 10-9 Provodnikov.

Round 11

Provodnikov comes right at his foe but he eats a series of jabs and then a right hand. Matthysse continues to jab away and then delivers a hard right to the body. Short right hand to the face from Matthysse is clean but Provodnikov walks right through it. There is a break in the action to have Matthysse’s glove’s tape repaired. Matthysse’s corner can’t find the scissors and Benji Esteves is getting irritated. The fight resumes and Provodnikov nails him with a massive left/right and then a huge right uppercut. Matthysse comes at him but the Russian hammers him with a huge left hook. Matthysse backs away but is forced to slug it out. Provodnikov crushes him with a left hook and Matthysse’s legs buckle. He’s in trouble and backing up. Provodnikov lands a hellish right hand and then a left. Matthysse is stumbling a bit but he’s clinching. Another left hook rocks Matthysse but Lucas stays afloat and lands a two-punch combo upstairs. Great round for Provodnikov. 10-9 Provodnikov.

Round 12

Provodnikov might need a knockout to win, or at least a knockdown. Provodnikov comes right after his foe after they hug to start the round. Matthysse is backing away, looking to jab but Provodnikov is all over him. Matthysse is on his bike a little early on, trying to create some space. Provodnikov can’t cut off the ring but he’s rushing after him anyway. Nice right hand Provodnikov but Matthysse answers with a left. Bloody is pouring out of Provodnikov’s cut but he’s coming forth, gunning for the knockout. Matthysse goes back to the jab but Provodnikov hits him with a decent left hook. Matthysse absorbs a hard right to the face with less than a minute left. Matthysse is giving the round away by not letting his hands go. Matthysse backs away and Provodnikov can’t catch him before the bell ends the fight. Terrific fight and it’s very close. 10-9 Provodnikov (115-113 Matthysse).

The Official Result

Lucas Matthysse def. Ruslan Provodnikov via Majority Decision (114-114, 115-113, 115-113) 3:00 R12


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