‘Shogun’ Unleashes Disappointment at Judges

By Marcelo Alonso Oct 30, 2009
The fact that two Brazilians are involved in public dispute regarding the UFC light heavyweight championship has attracted the attention of the media in their homeland.

The most popular newspaper in Parana, Gazeta do Povo, published a long interview this week in which former Chute Boxe Academy standout, Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, unleashed his disappointment at the judges decision in wake of his controversial loss to Lyoto Machida at UFC 104 on Oct. 24 in Los Angeles.

The report attempted to outline the criterion by which judges Nelson Hamilton, Cecil Peoples and Marcos Rosales scored the bout, noting that their decision motivated heated discussion in the mixed martial arts community regarding judging in the sport.

“I got really sad with that result but happy by the impact,” Rua said. “I train hard, and every round, my corner told me to be calm because I was winning. Once I was winning, I decided to not expose myself and enter into Lyoto’s game. If I got more aggressive, I would have entered into Lyoto’s game and taken unnecessary risks, just like all his previous opponents did. I used the right tactics and I will probably do the same in the rematch.”

Rua, who won the 2005 Pride Fighting Championships middleweight grand prix, discussed the disappointment he felt when the decision was read.

“When the fight was over, I talked with many people, including [UFC President] Dana White. Everybody said I won, except the three judges, but they’d rather give the win to Lyoto,” Rua said. “It’s so bad to lose a battle like that for interest of other people.”

Rua also addressed a statement Peoples made in which the judge claimed he was not aggressive enough to win.

“I was not aggressive enough? You just have to look at my face and his face after the fight,” Rua said. “He didn’t kick me one single time. I just got some knee butts. He has a broken rib, a deep cut in his mouth and could not even walk after the fight. I hit him twice as much, but the UFC judges analyzed some different aspects that I don’t really understand. I’m very upset. Actually, I cannot consider my last fight a loss.”

Rua laid no blame at Machida’s feet, reaffirming his admiration for the champion.

“He is a very nice guy, and I respect him a lot,” he said. “He doesn’t have any fault in what happened -- only the judges who saw a different fight from everybody.”
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