Phil Baroni's One FC Blog, Part 4

Sep 2, 2011
Friday means weigh-ins and final prep for Phil Baroni in Singapore. | Photo Courtesy: One FC

Popular welterweight puncher Phil Baroni ( will blog his experiences leading up to his One FC fight with Yoshiyuki Yoshida for readers. One FC “Champion vs. Champion” streams live on on Sept. 3, live from Kallang, Singapore.

I'm sitting in my hotel room at the Holiday Inn on Orchard Road here in Singapore, the local entertainment capital. I was surprised to find out that the Holiday Inn here is a four-star hotel. My 10 cups of coffee at the bar prove it.

I cut 12 pounds this morning with the help of my teammate Josh Thomson and "Big" Grand Sandow. The cut was pretty easy, and I feel great. People always say this, but everything really is going as planned, and I feel like I'm ready to go.

Singapore really is a great place to be. I had a great host in Neiling who took care of me, as well as the Gracies and made sure we enjoyed the place. The city's great, and the weather is beautiful. It would be great to be able to visit here without having to cut weight and prepare to smash Yoshida.

It's harder for me to write these as we get closer to the fight. I don't really have much to say when it's clobbering time. I just keep thinking about how it's time to f--- this dude up in just over 24 hours. After that, I get to have a few cold beers with the fellas. I can't wait.

I really am surprised how many people came out for the weigh-ins, especially for a first show in Singapore of all places. They word must be out that I'm in town.

Seriously though, the Singapore fans were there for all the local guys fighting out of Evolve, the big local gym here. They're pros and they had it together. All their guys were ready to hit the scales, had plenty of Pedialite to drink right after weigh-ins, everything. I even grubbed some Pedialite and other post-weigh-in stuff off of them.

Ha ha, over 10 years of fighting and over 20 years of cutting weight, and I'm taking s--- off of kids. But, I lost a bag in transit that had all my s--- like that, so Evolve was my ticket. Thanks to all those guys.

I am right on at weigh-ins. I had to get in Yoshida's dopey face a bit to let his ass know what's up. After, we did some TV and other media interviews, took press pics, that sort of stuff. After, it's the rules meeting, run by former Pride and now Dream guys, like Matt Hume and the only ref to get booed in Japan, Yuji Shimada. Bas Rutten is even here to do color commentary.

I keep saying, but it really has been an enjoyable trip. Getting some great Thai boxing in at Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket, rolling with Ray Elbe, hitting mitts with Josh Thomson, working out with Robert "The Terminator," then I got to come here to Singapore and work out at Evolve. I always wanted to do things my way, fight and see the world, and I'm getting to do that. All is well, and I just have to clip Yoshida's chin to end this trip well.

My thanks go out to Javier Mendez for running camp for me at AKA, and "Crazy" Bob Cook for all his guidance. Thanks to the guys at Tiger Muay Thai and Evolve for helping me. Most importantly, thanks to my wife Angela for all her love, support and encouragement.

But this one with Yoshida? This is one is dedicated to my father, Phil Baroni Sr., a real tough guy from New York.

Word to your mother, and see you on the stream Saturday.


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