Red Ink: Silva vs. Griffin

By Jake Rossen Aug 8, 2009
Forrest Griffin’s career since his 2005 “Ultimate Fighter” run has been repeatedly marked by bookmaker suspicion. In each of his bouts with Tito Ortiz, Mauricio Rua, Quinton Jackson, and Rashad Evans, he was given little chance to win: bouts were handicapped with the idea Griffin would be opposing a speeding motor vehicle instead of a human being. (To the pleasure of those holding tickets in his favor, he went 2-2.)

Against Anderson Silva this Saturday, it should come as no surprise that he is again eliciting more sympathy than support. Wagering sites will give you $300 for every $100 risked if Griffin wins: it may not be their personal belief, but the numbers reflect what they think is needed to entice fans into backing him. The day Griffin is given a solid chance to win against any ranked opponent is the day pigs taste like chicken.

What It Means: For Griffin, the chance to rise to new levels of stardom by beating a celebrated pound-for-pound great; for Silva, an opportunity to reinvigorate fan enthusiasm in his career.

Third-Party Investors: Vitor Belfort, Dan Henderson, and Wanderlei Silva, all of whom are looking at a high-profile meeting with Silva somewhere down the line; and the UFC, which has trumpeted Silva’s skills to the clouds only to wind up with egg on its face. Twice.

Who Wins: Silva. Griffin can be a bully, but he’s unlikely to finish Silva on the mat -- and Silva will have at least three chances to stay on his feet and light a fire.
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