The Meeting That Helped Bring Jim Brown to the UFC Commentating Booth

By Staff Nov 22, 2013
Former UFC Executive Producer Campbell McLaren, on “Rewind,” discussing the meeting that helped bring Jim Brown to the UFC as a commentator:

“Jim was doing a lot of gang work, helping stop gang violence. He invited me out to his house, not telling me he was holding a meeting of Bloods and Crips run by church ladies so there’d be no violence. When I got to his house, I was the only non-Blood, non-Crip in the audience. Then Jim thought it would be funny to keep me waiting for about two hours in that house. … I guess I passed the audition because Jim decided to do it. I was wearing a suit. One guy came up to me and he goes, ‘I’m not just in the Bloods -- I’m in the Diabolical Bloods.’ I didn’t know what to do. I said, ‘That’s impressive.’ I gave him my business card.”

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