Avazbek Kholmirzaev Rides Spinning Back Kick to ONE Friday Fights 59 Conquest

Avazbek Kholmirzaev outclassed Zayundin Suleymanov on the feet and on the ground before recording a third-round technical knockout in their ONE Friday Fights 59 catchweight feature on Friday at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand. Kholmirzaev (6-1, 2-0 ONE) finished the 128-pound clash 16 seconds into Round 3.

Kholmirzaev, the taller fighter, came out light on his feet and attempted to pick his opponent off from the outside, occasionally blitzing with punching combinations. A minute and a half into the first frame, Suleymanov managed to get a body lock and slam Kholmirzaev to the mat, eventually securing mount. However, the Uzbekistani managed to make it back to his feet after offering his opponent his back and instead shot in for a takedown of his own. Once Kholmirzaev trapped his opponent against the ropes with back control, the 23-year-old unleashed a barrage of knees before the Russian managed to break away and avoid extensive damage. Despite the shots sustained early in the round, Suleymanov managed to secure another takedown thanks to a failed hip toss attempt from Kholmirzaev. Nevertheless, he was not able to do much with the takedown, with both competitors ending the first stanza on their feet.

The second frame saw Suleymanov (7-2, 1-2 ONE) take his opponent down in the opening seconds after eating a step-in knee. However, Kholmirzaev’s scrambling abilities allowed him to make it back to his feet safely. The Uzbekistani immediately got back to his striking attacks, dropping Suleymanov with a thudding low kick. Keeping the pressure on, the 23-year-old landed a head kick on the Russian that seemed to land flush. Despite the blow, Suleymanov was quick enough to catch the kick and take his opponent down to the mat once again. This time around, not only did Kholmirzaev escape from the Russian’s mount, but the Team Raqobat product took his opponent’s back before separating. Keeping the pressure on, Kholmirzaev utilized jabs and spinning back kick attacks to keep his opponent at bay. Halfway through Round 2, Kholmirzaev was once again on the Russian’s back, threatening a rear-naked choke and forcing his opponent to carry his weight. In another attempt to take his opponent down with a hip toss toward the end of the frame, Kholmirzaev got reversed and ended the round on bottom.

Kholmirzaev came out with guns blazing in Round 3, landing a couple of punishing leg kicks followed by a spinning back kick that visibly hurt the Russian. He managed to catch the next kick thrown by Kholmirzaev and attempt another takedown. Wise to his foe’s intentions, Kholmirzaev was easily able to reverse the position and rain punches on his foe before being stopped by the referee 16 seconds into the third stanza.

Meanwhile, Su Hwan Oh required less than a minute to finish Kazumichi Murai with a lethal right hand counter to a body kick in their featherweight MMA meeting. Oh (6-1-1, 1-0 ONE) brought it to a close 28 seconds into Round 1. Murai (5-4, 0-1 ONE) has lost two straight.

In other action, Yamin PK Saenchai earned a Round 1 technical knockout victory against Joachim Ouraghi due to doctor stoppage in the main event; Yodthongthai Sor Sommai earned a unanimous decision win against Petnamngam PK Saenchai in their 130-pound catchweight muay thai bout; Rambong Sor Therapat valiantly fought his way to a split decision win over Petphupa Aekpujean in their 128-pound catchweight muay thai tilt; Kaimookkhao Tor Rangmart walked away with a hard-fought unanimous decision victory against a game Petparuehat Sitnayoktaweeptaphong in their 121-pound catchweight muay thai meeting; Pettasuea Seeopal knocked out Prom Yor Andaman with a head kick 2:28 seconds into Round 2 of their 118-pound catchweight muay thai contest; Yodkitti Fiatpathum stopped Luapong Kaewsamrit 25 seconds into their strawweight muay thai bout; Siwakorn PK Saenchai bagged a unanimous decision win against Shakhriyor Jurayev in their 140-pound catchweight muay thai affair; Takuma Ota knocked out Copter Sor Sommai with a vicious step-in elbow at 1:27 of Round 2 in their 126-pound catchweight muay thai pairing; Yuki Kasahara took less than two minutes to finish Petsimok PK Saenchai in their muay thai clash at 132 pounds; and Petnamkhong Mongkolpet returned to winning ways with a unanimous decision over Ikko Ota in their 122-pound catchweight muay thai contest.

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