Sherdog’s Top 10: Coolest Moves

Top 10

By Patrick Wyman Dec 2, 2014

What was the moment that hooked you?

Nearly every fan of mixed martial arts has an origin moment, an “Oh, s---!“ realization that the sport can offer ridiculous, amazing, borderline-unimaginable feats of athleticism and expressions of violence. While a double-leg can look impressive, it is hard to argue that a belly-to-back suplex is not somehow cooler and more aesthetically engaging.

The latest edition of the Sherdog Top 10 will take a look at some of those moments. The staff assembled an extensive list of awesome things that have happened in fights over the years, ranging from the flashiest kicks to the slickest submissions. While no one list can ever hope to encompass the full range of MMA’s violent buffet, these 10 items will surely satisfy your appetite:

Number 10 » Twister
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